THALARION - interview with Slovak band, answers by Juraj

1. Hi Juraj ! How are you getting on ?

J: Thanks for asking. I m quite O.K. at present time. Many things are doing well, it rarely happens. I ve changed my occupation and I m much more contented than before. Everything is all right for the moment. But I ll see how it ll be in near future, because some people really start to piss me off. But I overlook all such things for I m in relative good mood.

2. I think the most current thing is you re going to release an album at foreign label - can you approach it a bit ?

J: The most current thing is the album has already been released,although it happend with a few weeks delay, but it isn t any bigger problem. The thing is it s out. The album s been entitled " Tales Of The Woods.... Thus Was Written " and we were recording it in March 98 in studio Exponent (by the way, as well as all preceding materials) and it was Mighty Music, that took care of it. It contains ten songs lasting 53 minutes of melodic, easily remembering and mysterious music. I don t want to describe music itself, let everybody have their own opinion. I just can reveal it is an individual mixture of death, doom and black metal, spiced with the other rock elements. Actually, it can be considered as unconventional and unorthodox. It s caused by fact, that we do not care of any " boxes " and we play what enjoy us, moves our minds. And these feelings are reflected also in our creation.

3. Have you got any other offers to release your material ?

J: We ve sent approximetly thirty promo-tapes and about twelve labels answered, six of them sent us an offer to release an album. Mighty Music seemed to be the best, they offered us decent contract conditions, so we ve decided for them. Everything witnesses that this decission was write. I think we ve done very well, we are very satisfied with cooperation.

4. Who will be doing promotion in Czech and Slovak Republic ? Will you be doing it yourself or your label will care of it and you le be just waiting for a result ?

J: It wouldn t be fair from us to completely rely on Mighty Music. We ll try to help them as much as we ll be able. We cannot let them do everything and just wait how the things will result in. They have to care of promotion and distribution world wide and in Czech and Slovak Republic we will share work equally. Even this interwiew is a certain way of promotion. And because it is being published in one of the best and most serious fanzines far and wide, it exactly help us to be introduced to wide fanbase and to offer them music we create.

5. Your music has already nothing common with thrash and not even with death metal. Do you think it s good ?

J: What should I tell you on this ? We have never wanted to create two same recordings. That is why each new recording is different from preceding one. We don t want to kill our creative potential. Why should we imitate and copy ourselves ? It would suppres any our creativity and tendency of trying to do always something new. To discover some unexplored spheres, which we ve never before came in. Thalarion has to go ahead and not to stand revited to the spot. It s not the rule to play the same music for ten years, standing on one spot with blinders on our eyes and to not try to vitalize our music with new themes and elements. We always want to proceed, develope ourselves into all directions, obtain new dimensions and energy and to not stay on any dead point. It s also true, in present we don t tend to trash metal, cause we are sick of playing such riffs. After many years playing, such music lost the charm that it had before and our interest in it has rapidly fell off. But I don t say we do not listen to trashmetal. I like listening to " Testament," " Overkill," or " Kreator, no matter when, bacause these are bands which I was growing with. We already don t want to busy with with this kind of music. This era of our evolution has gone long ago. We are going further. It was just some misty past and our return wouldn t have any meaning. Important is what we create now and this fact moves us forward.

6. And what about to create one pure death metal song as a recollection ?

J: I really don t know, if it would be a good idea. We wil try to think about it, but I don t think it would be possible. When you listen to our preceding recordings, you can realize that we ve never created any pure death metal song. There was always something else involved. And we have never had the inclination to make something like that, because we always wanted to separate ourselves from the other metal bands. I can say we were succesful. And because of this, we can refuse creation of such song. We rather let the others create pure death metal songs, those who create death metal and some of them do it really great... DEICIDE rules !

7. Has singer Nela become a fulltime member of your band ? Is it for your sake or just for the sake of her musical persuation ?

J: All testify : yes, she is a fulltime member. Nela has become a member long ago and we all are glad, that Thalarion has been enriched with somebody, who has a really beautiful voice and what is the most important - a real interest in working and living with our band. Her approach to our whole creation is on a professional level and I value her acting in this band as very possitive. Her agility and creativity has moved the present face of Thalarion to the new sphere. You had better ask her on the rest of question, but I personally agree with the second eventuality, because it s evident, she really likes our music and she likes to engage to creation of our new songs very much. N : Juraj said it really beautiful. So you dare to doubt about my serious interest to sing in such a talented band as Thalarion is ? Or you just follow the principles, that the most girl-singers have different reasons to stay in bands ? But if you really want to insist on your opinion, well, if all members of Thalarion didn t behave to me so admirably as they do, I really wouldn t be able to enjoy my presence in this band. So it can be said, I am not here for the sake of them, but due to them and due to what approach they have to me. And if I stay here forever ? I don t wish anything else. Due to Thalarion I ve finally found a new sense of my life.

8. You have written me, she would undertake singing in new songs. Does it mean she will have more space than till now ?

J: In present, we have six new songs done, but while this iterview will be published, we will surely have even more. Naturally, after Nela domesticated in our band, she undertook function of a chief vocalist of Thalarion, so I can more engage myself in keabords. It doesn t mean neither I don t sing in new songs nor I am not interested in singing. Simply saying - just the structure of our new songs has been changed. Their new athmosphere literally demanded using her voice in higher extent. In terms of vocals a certain contrast is being created - the good and evil, black and white, joy and sadness. We are utterly satisfied with present face of vocals, we wanted to do it like this a long time ago, but it hasn t been possible till now. Thus our creation has been moved to a little different dimension. But anybody needn t be afraid of our getting soft. On the contrary  our newest songs are even harder than whenever before.( but it doesn t mean they are fast). On the other hand, they are more melodic and dynamic than those ones on album " Tales of the woods... " and Nela s voice is really enchanting and its majesty creates athmosphere of hidden feelings of beautiful melancholy, cause it s very sensitive and dreaming. Concerning with music, we are trying to combine as much as possible and the result is really fascinating. But you ll be able to hear it all on our next recording or at some concert .

9. And what you will be doing ? Dancing or playing a triangle ?

J: Dancing, naturally. I ve just learnt to dance lambada, samba,pasodoble, rhumba, thango and walz. I can dance a little also break dance, macarena and kazachock. Since my childhood I ve been attending ballet lessons and I ve been also dancing in folklore ensemble " " Valastchiczka ", so there shouldn t be any bigger problem in this. I dance everywhere I go, even at work - and that s true ! But it would be more complicated with that triangle. To be able to play it, I should have six years of conservatoire done, so because of this my function of a triangle player is being cancelled. Truly said - I would rather play " ozembuch " or " drumbla ,"because these are instruments that create really beautiful mellodies.

10. Are you disposed to catch cold or flue ?

J: Well, it s true, it s allways dripping from my nose and all those flue and other epidemic parasites and bacteriums stick on me like dogs shits, when I m trying to get home across the lawn.

11. How many times did you overcome pneumonia ?

J: I suffer from it regularly one time a month and in spite of this I smoke forty cigarettes a day, because once I have heard smoked meat lasts longer and I want to last as long as possible. I wanna be new Matuzalem.

12. And what about inflamation of prostate .....?

J: I haven t suffer from it so far, but I ve already had lues fourtimes and gonorhea seven times.

13. Well, for now you sing together with Nela. When I listen to you both, it seems there is some ritual, some energy between you...

N: When I came to see how is Thalarion recording their new material, I didn t suspect they will give me some parts to sing. That s why I can say - whichever energy you hear on recording must be just your imagination. Because till then I haven t known neither members of Thalarion nor music they play. But when you will listen to new Thalarion, I m sure there will be energy you are looking for.

14. In Rock Extremum there was written Thalarion should start training more ....it means you cannot play... What kind of hogwash is it ? I hope you have taken lesson from this !!!

J: It isn t any hogwash. It s true, even cruel reality ! None of us has never insisted on we can play or we are some artists. We really cannot play. Although we train approximately 70 hours a week, still it isn t getting well. I don t know why. We are trying to play our instruments so much but there is still no result. We allways take lessons from everything what is whenever said. Why should we follow our own common sense, when we can follow the others advice ? But I ll be serious now. I have absolutely no commentary to such statements. Let everybody say whatever they want, we know the best, on which musical level we are, weather somebody like it or not. Nobody s opinion can influence what we do and what we ll be doing. We can write extremely technical songs, but we needn t to do something like that, or prove somebody we manage it. The times we were creating just technical songs are passed away and our present creation is more simple. We put the main stress on arrangement and the whole construction and feeling of each song. We have never been saying ourselves : " Now we are going to make a lot of fucking difficult riffs to astonish people and to become popular. " When somebody doesn t like our music, he needn t listen to it. In fact you have piss me off a bit by this question.

15. Do you give a special attention to breakfast ? What are you doingimmediately you wake up ? Are you a supporter of statement :" How you get up in the morning, such day you will have ? "

J: I give extra attention to my breakfast, of course. Undoubtly,thinking is much easier with full belly. I have my brain in my stomach,as well as many other people. In the morning, I like most to eat content of my own stomach, that can be found near my bed each morning. Needlessly I think about what is it doing there. It s already cold, but I never forget to warm it up. After I m used to have two or three cigarettes and I have complete lunch. By the way - I really hate getting up. And I must disagree with that statement you have mentioned, because I always feel bad when I get up so in this case every day of my life should be bad.

16. What do you hate about interviews ? The ends ?

J: And what do you hate about interviews ? The ends, too ?

THALARION, Juraj  Grezdo, Stredanska 1530, Topolcany, 95501 Slovakia

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