INCANTATION - interview

1.You belong to Relapse again? It's clear that Relapse has better distribution and promotion, but I think Repulse is good as well?

Yes, we are working with relapse again! It was not planed out that way but do to some legal complications we are back with them! I must say that things are going a lot better with them now then in the last 4 years! For a long time Relapse showed us no support but, now they know that Incantation will prevail and that they should have supported us all along! At this point we are happy with Relapse and we just hope that things keep going as good as they are!!! As for Repulse, We are happy to have worked with them because they are a true underground label and they are true supporters of Death Metal and Incantation!!! Repulse will always have the support of Incantation!!!!

2.There is a song from your MCD "Shadows of the Ancient Empire" to be found on "Diabolical?", why have you decided for that? Weren't there any problems with Repulse?

Originally The Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish MCD was just going to be released in Europe on Repulse Records! So we wanted to put that song on the Worldwide full length so maybe people would like the song and want to buy the MCD! But things got all fucked up when Relapse got the rights to the MCD! We decided to go ahead with our original plan because that song just fit so good with all the other songs on the Album! We had other song to put on the album but none fit the way we wanted! I Don't really think it's a big deal! I think the album songs, and the order of the songs works great! As for the change in the song title it was a fuck up it should be "Shadows from the Ancient Empire" I don't know how it got over looked, but it did! All I can say is that shit happens!

3. What is the last song "Unto Infinite Twilight" supposed to mean? Do you want to get to the Guiness book of records for the longest death metal song in history? Eh eh? It's very extreme, it reminds me of Autopsy a bit.

Well, thanks for the kind words!!! We just wanted to write a song that was full of total Doom and feeling, but we wanted it to be 100% heavy and Death Fucking Metal!!! To many bands use trendy things like female vocals of Keyboards to make a song have feeling but Incantation uses to true Metal instruments Bass, guitars, Drums and Brutal Vocals! We just wanted the feeling that you were totally fucked and would want to kill your self! I feel very good about this song because it 100% true fucking Death Metal!!!!

4.Do you shorten the song when playing live or you play it whole?

We only played it live one time and we played the whole thing!!!! it was sick! We will put it in our set when were do some head lining show and we have the time! Because if we do the song when we open a shows that might be the only song we play!!!!!

5.You've got quite a big discography. How do you like your debut "Onward to Golgotha" now?

I think it's great! I really like all the stuff that we ever did! I'm not one of those people that only like our new stuff! All of our songs mean a lot to me! Onward to Golgotha helped us to get to where we are now! I think that album made a big impact in the underground scene for it's time!!!!!!

6.I'm glad to see a cover which is expressing evil after a long time. I got shivering when looking at it - was this your intention?

We wanted a cover that would be as sick and twisted as our music and I feel that Maron Kim did a great job! The cover is sick, demonic, demented and different!  We will for sure work with her again!!!!

7.Name one song, which characterises Incantation!

That is heard to say, because Incantation has many faces of Evil!

8.I'll be glad if Incantation appears in In Deed Hell? would you take any royalties for your interviews and what would be your tax?

I  will take as much money that you want to give me!!!!! But, We are just happy to be a part of your killer zine! just please send me a copy of it when it's done!!!! And just keep supporting the underground!

9.Do you believe in the classical hell with devils and fire under kettles? or do you take Satanism as a philosophy only?

No, I don't believe in hell or life after death! I only believe in my true self and my soul. and that you should not be a puppet to religion! The worst thing for the church is to let them know that you refuse to Believe their lies! Don't give them your money spend it on a new CD or some cool Metal T-shirts! Fuck Christ! Hail the Goat!!!!!!!

10.Your favorite alcohol?

Jack Daniel's

Non alcoholic drink?

Goat's Blood

Type of girls?

Beautiful girls for the Czech Republic!!!!! I here that they are good in bead!!!!

Do you prefer country to cities and why?

I like any place where theres a lot of metal and hot chicks to fuck!!!! Sex Drinks and Metal!!!

Your wish?

To keep playing metal!!!!!!

Would you like to hurt somebody?

The pope, fuck that old fart!!!

And why?

For committing treason!!!!!! The lies must be denied

11.Do you know anything from the Czech Republic?

There is a lot of hot chicks, and a lot of true Metal fans, great beer! For me Paradise  might be in the Czech Republic!

12.Can you make love without sweating?

I don't think so, because I get real Horny and it's like to move around a lot! I like to let the chick lick all the sweat off my ass and balls! I just love it when a chick licks my balls!!!!! Other things is to eat pussy, it just rules! and to get a blow job from a chick that can really do a good job!!!

13.Death metal forever. You're a typical band (and it's good) that, having existed for 50 years, will be still playing Death Metal.

I will, i don't think may other people will! because most people will stop playing Death Metal when it stops being cool and trendy! I play Death Metal because it's in my soul! Not for any trends.  If I'm alive in 50 years, I hope to still be playing Death metal!!!

14.Thanks for the interview, good luck to Incantation!!!

Thank you for the support! All Czech Girls please write and send photos because we love females we worship your flesh and souls!!! All other true warriors of metal please write too! Thanks for the support and we hope to see you guy on the  world wide diabolical Conquest tour!!!!!!


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