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Answers: Kingsley \"King\" Fowley

Hey guys! Time flies like crazy and Deceased finishes third decade of its existence. It sounds incredible, but until this year you had a first short concert tour of Europe, which included a stop in the Czech Republic. What were your reactions to the oldest continent and why have you not come to Europe before?

Well I’ve tried and tried and tried for many years to get a tour of Europe but no one has come to offer or help us set it up. Alto of start/stop people that in the end left us waiting this time Doomstar booking offered us gigs and we took them of course. It was and an amazing week of shows and we loved playing Czech republic. A great response and a room full of energy on both sides of the stage. Love to come back and WE WILL!

In the metal underground you have become a cult and you have preserved it the entire time of your existence since many bands that had started with you, later become stars. I personally see Deceased as one of the most underrated bands in metal history. Why is it that you did not get more recognition and never get into a larger forefront of "metal public"?

 DECEASED has always been ourselves. Speaking for myself I’ve never been afraid to call out money grubbers and I’ve never kissed ass to fit in with the upper folks running this all whether it was record labels or promoters or magazines that build the hype. I could care less! I got into music for music! Making it and playing it. Good folks along the way I salute and piss poor fakes and greed pigs I callout. I’m not afraid of anything. Some folks don’t like the truth and some folks cannot handle the truth!!!! We don’t play for fame and fortune. We play because we are metalheads always and nothing more.

You were the first band which signed a contract with the now renowned Relapse Records. Your earlier titles were also the first releases on this label and for a long time you were "under their wings".  Why after the EP "Behind the Mourner's Veil" (2001) did the co-operation ended? Was it the later Relapse directions, which is incompatible with your orthodoxy and loyalty to the old school metal? Or you yourself feel that it is time for a change?

Relapse early on were our brothers with a mission to better the music scene. Fair prices and a good working team. But slowly they got in my opinion too much into greed and too much into bullshit. They smelled the dollar and it consumed them. They started to become liars with false promises and I cannot stand those kinds of people. We as a band said it was time to leave them and I told Relapse one day we are leaving. It interfered with our band and it interfered with our ways of ways of thinking when it came to music.

From 2002 until the album "As the Weird Travel On" (2005) you were at a fairly unknown publisher Thrash Corner Records. How did you get to them and how satisfied were you with them?

They were long time friends of ours. They had gone with us to Wacken in 2001 and they heard us saying we were not happy with Relapse and told us if you want a new label to put out next record come to us, so we did! It was basically one guy and a friend out of his house in Puerto Rico. That was fine by us. We wanted to get them some recognition as we had a bit of a name from our past and we wanted to be with them because they believed how we believed. Good honest relations!!! It was fun and we thank Ray and Thrash Corner records for all they did for us. He gave us a great budget and a great record that was available to the public.

The latest album "Surreal Overdose" (2011) was released under the label Shrieks from the Hearse, introduced to the world by the cornerstone of  deceased, by drummer and vocalist King Fowley.This means that no one else had an interest for Deceased or you would like to have everything firmly under their own control?

 I decided that we could do it all ourselves. Take the record put up our own cash to record and manufacture and release it. Patac records were friends and they helped out too. It was easy, no one to answer too and it was how that album needed to be. We’ve since joined ways with Hells Headbangers records for a couple albums to see what that does for us. We have no problem working with others as long as we see them doing their share too. Always new angles to incorporate into it all.

You have Released 6 albums, and incredible amounts of EPs, many different splits and compilations. Which album was the most successful in terms of sales and the record you consider most important in terms of development and formation of the band?

 Well ‘Fearless undead machines’ is considered by folks that listen to us as ‘the best’ one we’ve done. It broke alot of new ground when it came out I suppose. For me musically I’m most proud of ‘Supernatural Addiction’. It does all I love about the band the best. The lyrics and music really match up and I love the sound of it. Fun record to record too! ‘Luck of the corpse’ sold over 25,000 copies when it came out. Probably still our best seller to date. death metal was huge in 91 and I guess it got bought just because it was just that.

There were released ,various reissue of your albums, for example re - release of "The Blueprints for Madness" at Sevared Records and others. 're excited such interest underground labels on presenting the names of Deceased? Do you have an accurate view about what all titles deceased already been published?

Yes I know every release and was involved personally with every oe of them. Its fun to do projects with friends labels and from time to time it happens. We’ve seen Relapse let albums go out of print so we let other labels put them back in print. Folks asking for records that are out or print and $30 on ebay isn’t fun nor fair. So we like to keep them available always! The underground to me is about togetherness and friendship and that includes business/working adventures too!

I have mentioned the album "The Blueprints for Madness" one of your most acclaimed titles. I still have to put up with the strange drowned sound of guitars on this record. Was it   planned to achieve such sound or there was an error at the final mastering?

This was our first self produced record and we were learning. It didn’t sound so bad in the studio on big speakers. But once we got it out of there the immaturity of producing clearly showed. Mark’s guitar on that was also horribly recorded to tape. Years later I tried to remix it to see if I could fix the wrongs somewhat. That guitar wouldn’t budge to help me out. So it is what it is! Some love that mud sound some cringe. I love the record but the sound could have been so much more. Adding to the mud Relapse had it mastered horribly, which only made the mess that much more.

One more question about the remarkable discography of Deceased. In this insane amount of compilations came out, inter alia, a great tribute to old honest punk bands called "Rotten to the Core" by Malt Soda label. What was the publisher and can you ever get this remarkable compilation?

 I love Scooter and Malt soda. He wasn’t a metal guy much but loved our attitude and compared us in a lot of ways to the ‘fuck the world’ attitude of punk rock .we got to know each other and he offered a punk rock covers cd that he’d pay for us to record. We love a lot of punk/hardcore and we jumped at it. I really like how it came out too. It’ll be back in print soon as a 2 cd set with every cover song we’ve ever done (and there’s quite a lot) on a label called Area Death productions out of China. Look for it late this year, it’s called ‘Cadaver Traditions’.

Beginning of Deceased were associated mainly in connection with the then growing wave of death metal but from the beginning of your creations we smelled the strong influences of the old classic NWOBHM and thrash metal, punk and hard core .  You never succumb to trends and stayed true to these roots to the present day. Your first album "Luck of the Corpse" (1991) was permeated a lot of death metal. Although during attentive listening, I said way back then "Fuck," the guitarist certainly must like Mercyful Fate "(laughs). In the later creations it was as if you were returning to the old roots even more. Are you watching the new trends in metal music or completely ignoring it?

We have many influences in music. From the beatles and kiss to repulsion and voivod. Add in fate and old slayer and maiden and anvil and venom and warlord too. It all is inside of us. We never painted ourselves into a corner musically. Trends in metal are sickening, a lot of retro shit right now. Here today/gone tomorrow. Nwobhm is hip right now. Very few cared 10 years ago. Music making is pretty dull and lifeless from what I hear these days. Its either a rip off riff or a rip off style. No thanks!

Horror texts are an inseparable part of your creation. The Album "Fearless Undead Machines" was probably the highlight of your creation. Do you have an overview and does contemporary horror filmmaking "Appeal to you" like for example the works of James Wan or you're a lover of old times and continue in the time-proven classics?

 I love any good horror movie. James wan tried at times but it’s a bit formulated overall. I do love my washed out 1970s era horror films (the exorcist, burnt offerings, black Christmas, lets scare Jessica to death, phantasm, carrie) most of all. But I watch so many horror films from every era, including now, cuz I’m an addict for these type of films!

Trio Kingsley "King" Fowley, Mike Smith, Les Snyder is inseparable base of deceased. Can you imagine that the band would continue, If any of you decided to leave the band?

Me and mike create the music. We write the tunes. Les has slowed down last few years and lives very far away from us in texas. I miss him as a friend and as a bass player. We want him to continue to record with us on records and he’s always welcomed to play live with us. Mike doesn’t play live for 8 years now. He loves to write and record and never was a ‘stage guy’ really. The live act I took on tour was 5 guys total that really worked hard to deliver a great show with the Deceased sound and style. I love those guys too. It’s almost like 2 worlds these days. We’re getting older and soon we’ll be 50 years old before you know it. Life has tons to it and we have dealt with it all along the way with every person whose ever been any part of the life long ride.

Quick question on Kingsley: What is better? Play the drums or be up front with the microphone?

Up front for me. I wish I was always this way. I loved my time playing drums and screaming but upfront in the legion and legionettes faces is where it’s at! I still write all the drum parts on the records, and even palyed on the last record. But live its IN YOUR FACE!!!!

A few years ago came a massive wave of retro bands, the "young and unspent" people started rediscovering the beauty of the old and honest metal and at the same time as everyone would like to play the "it" what was faithful deceased throughout its existence, including the image. Did you feel some sort of satisfaction for your faith in these metal roots? Are you pleased with the interest in the original version of metal music of which later became for a time trend, too?

A phony is a phony. People can wear the patches and dress the part and learn the past knowledge in their brains, but you will know when someone is living it and someone is ‘milking it’. Big difference!!!  s I mentioned earlier, these ‘new’ bands just don’t do it for me. I listen and hope for the best but I keep getting a rehash of a rehash of a rehash.

Theory: if you had the opportunity to change something in your history, what would it be? Or are you satisfied with the way it is and not change  the past?

 Everything stays the same. Life is life!!! Every person gets their own puzzle to never fully solve in a lifetime!!!!

If it's not a secret, what are the employment status of the band members?

 Plumber, government job, construction worker, legal drug deliverer, entrepreneur, heating/ac guy, music instrument shop guy. The ‘secret’ is you figuring out who is who ?

The last question is obvious: What is the new album of Deceased all about?

It’s called ‘Ghostly White’ and it’s a record about the unknown and creepy side of life and death. What’s really out there. What waits beyond? fear! It will be awhile until it’s unleashed, as we never rush to release anything that’s not 110% from the heart. But where we are at right now it’s unfolding as all we are about year in and year out… death metal from the grave!!!! Thank you for the support and hope to see you again soon! Stay wild legions!!!! King Fowley.

Thanks so much for your answers and I wish you and your band that you keep doing what you do best and continue to symbolize concepts such as honesty and loyalty, in creating music from the heart and without being calculative.

Thank you too.

Translated Duzl.


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