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Hell-o ... I would like to thank you for the jewel „Glory And Perdition“. I think that just now  demoniac power which you have always flashed out was set off full might. Congratulation!

„Thanks for your compliments. I also think this is our most powerful release up to date. It was a long and hard work but we felt we really got the right feeling this time.“

What´s new in SB camp and what about responses on „Glory…“ ? I suppose that you get a lot of positive responses thanks to its quality ...

„Yeah, the responses on „Glory And Perdition“ are awesome. That’s definitely great. The next for us is to release our DVD. We are working on it right now. It will contain our anniversary show, recorded last year in Budapest, some interviews with the band and people related to the band plus there will be some footages from the past (backstage, etc...). It will be a very long and exciting material.“

It ´s the first time Kris Wervimp hasn´t painted your covering. What led you to the change? Anyway according to my opinion it is a very positive change. Where have you found Jozsef Tari? Do you know any of his other works? It is a long time since I have seen such a precious artwork!

„We felt that this is going to be our best album, so we wanted to change some things to show that „Glory And Perdition“ is a bit different than our previous works. So, we wanted something else for the cover artwork now. Something fresh and unique. Jozsef Tari is definitely one of the best painters in the scene. Too bad he is so unknown, though he painted a Venom artwork in 1991 (Wastelands album). I have seen his other works and I’m still totally astonished! He is a genious. I knew him and his ill-famed band Aurea Aetas for many years but it was very difficult to get in contact with him. I’m glad it came true finally and now the original painting is hanging on my wall. It looks marvellous!“

When your opening song „Birth of Eternity“ begins a trombone can be heard. Accidentally I took a look at the covering ... do the infernal troubadours from your front cover have anything in common with this instrument which is so typical for you?

„Yes, we wanted to draw parallel between our music and the artwork and those creatures with the horns fit very much to the music, aren’t they?“

All this song is really might! Through the black power and aggression there is also poetic spirit in it. A charming text helps to it the same way as the haze of the keys which changes and transports SEAR BLISS to the different dimension.  The sound of the keys is very original and it creates an antipole to the million bands with trivial wanna-be-symphonic sounding. Do you particularly like any band´s  using of the keys?

„I like some bands using keyboards but not many. I think we use it in a way that enriches our sound. Many bands overplay it. You have to find the right balance and use the keyboards in a way that add something extra to the music. I spend a lot of time on creating unique sounds.“

When listening to „The Pagan Winter“ demo I´m getting aware that the keys has already sounded similar way in the beginning of SEAR BLISS. You probably had a clear conception about  the spirit that you would like to reach by this instrument from the beginning. Otherwise Winter participated in the keys on „Phantoms“ album but it seems to me that his outgoing is not noticeable on the other albums according to the keys.  Haven´t you ever wanted to establish any project based on the keys playing? Or is SEAR BLISS fully sufficient to your keys ideas´ realization?

„Good question. I have many ideas written on keyboards which don’t fit Sear Bliss. I’m thinking on a project now because I would like to record and release these ideas of mine. I play a lot on keyboards and I like the process of creating special sounds. It’s true the concept of keyboards in Sear Bliss didn’t change during the years regardless of the actual members. We knew from the very beginning what we want.“

 The original keys player Winter has established his own band Forest Silence later and Andras Nagy helped him to record the guitars. What is your opinion to his production? We may trace any commitments up by Ywolf nad Cavum as well ... can you explain what ones and if you like those band´s production?

„I‘m probably the biggest fan of Forest Silence. This is why I was so happy that I could play the guitar in the studio. We have just signed to the sublabel of Candlelight Records, Appease Me... Finally people can hear what Forest Silence is about. Look out for the CD to be released later this year. As far as the other bands concern, I was asked to make vocals for two Ywolf songs. That’s it. For Cavum I made vocals for their first demo because they are cool guys and I helped them out. They wanted me to sing for those two songs because they liked the way I sing in Sear Bliss.“

In few your verses also Atilla Csihar with his vocal guests. This  most original and suggestive vocal brings purid wind into your pieces. How did this cooperation happen? Actually where does Atilla  fulfill himself at present?

„Attila is a good friend of mine and I always wanted him to sing on a Sear Bliss record. I asked him for the last two albums but he was not available at that time due to his other commitments with his other projects but this time finally he could make the vocals. I was really happy because I think he has the most extreme voice in the black metal scene. He was a great influence on me when I made vocals for the first time (Phantoms album. Attila is a full-time member in Mayhem again and that’s great because I think he is the perfect vocalist for Mayhem. Listen to „De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas“ and you will know what I mean. This album is a legend without doubt.“

According to the text ... do you admire the space and stars from romantic reasons or are you interested in those things seriously? I mean science.

„I’m interested in the sciential side, absolutely. I read a lot about astronomy and I am very interested in it. I’m still thinking on studying it at the university. I am obssessed.“

Anyway lyrics of SEAR BLISS is more thoughtful and poetic than most blackmetal bands´. The texts of the last album seem to me slightly more „concrete“ ... but it may just seem to me ... I can see more thoughts for infinite, eternity, death ... correct me if I´m wrong.

„Well, you are right. The way I write the lyrics is a bit different than others. We write the music firstly and then I listen to it and write down what comes to my mind at that moment. So that way, my lyrics are very spontaneous and reflect perfectly the mood of the actual song.“

It´s  probably related to some things that influence you. What do you read, listen to, watch on TV? Actually do you have some time for anything else than music? Or girlfriend ... ? :o)

„Unfortunately I have been too busy in the last years, so I don’t have as much time as I’d need for reading. The last book I read is Arthur C. Clark’s Odyssey series in one great book. I’ve read each of them before but this time it’s available in one and that’s cool. I love it. This is the book which inspires me most. I constantly listen to music. Black metal, some keyboard music, etc.. I rarely watch TV. I think it’s a waste of time. I play music as much as I can, so I hardly have some more time for anything else but I love riding my motorbike for example. It’s a great hobby of mine. I live together with my girlfriend now, so she doesn’t miss me Only when I’m touring...“

How do you perceive the development of SEAR BLISS overall? Did you go through small changes from album to album?  For example slight diversion from dark, most slowly flowing  waters of „The Haunting“ or return to the agression  of „The Grand Destiny“... You probably identify yourselves with all your pieces, don´t you? Or do you prefer any of the periods of SEAR BLISS?

„All our albums reflect our actual mood. We always express what we feel. When we wrote „The Haunting“ we had that mood but when we wrote „Grand Destiny“ we felt anger and pain, this is why it is so fierce. So this way, all our albums differ from each other. I couldn’t imagine to write an album for someones „request“. We play what we feel inside.“

I´ve remembered the promo-materials to the album „Forsaken Symphony“ that were stylized into the form of an old newspaper „The Red Stream Journal“  hehe.  I love this idea ... whose was it? The materials to the news seem to be poorer nevertheless you look satisfied with Red Stream ... or am I wrong?

„The Red Stream Journal was the label’s idea. Red Stream supports us in everything and this is very important. We have a very good position at them and they believe in us. This is what really matters.“

What does „Hungarian Credit Network“ emblem mean? Is it a kind of joke or the logo has its real backround?

„Hungarian Credit Network is the company of our former trumpet player. We put their logo on the CD because they are sponsoring us with running our website.“

Anyway ... how is life treating you Hungarians in nowadays Hungary? Are „ordinary“ people satisfied with their standard of living? Are you personally interested in political situation in Hungary, do you go to the polls? Cause in the Czech Republic a lot of people don´t trust to politicians and that´s why they don´t go to the polls ... you know ... thieves are always just thieves  ... hehe.

„There is nothing to be satisfied over here. Once again, the same people who destoyed this country with their communist regime govern Hungary. Anyway, I’m not interested in politics but yes I do go to the polls because I’m not an idiot.“

What is the situation about concerts and scene itself in Hungary? Are there many metal fanatics in Hungary? Do you have any favourite place? What one place would you reccomend to visit?

„There are many shows in Hungary. You can find shows each week and yes there are a lot of metal fanatics in Hungary, so the shows have great atmosphere over here. A cool place for shows is a club called A38, which is actually a ship on the Danube. The last time I saw Arcturus there. It was amazing. We will play there in June together with Dissection and Rotting Christ.“

The best black-metal album of all time ...

„Hard question. Probably „Under the sign of the black mark“ from Bathory.“

How was it to play at the Czech  Brutal Assault festival in 2004?  You were one of the few tops of the festival for me personally. I just regret that I hadn´t heard your last album that time ...

„For me it was great to play at Brutal Assault. It was the third time we play there. It’s always cool to be there. Good crowd, good beer and good atmosphere. It would be great to play there again. Last year it was quite a heavy situation to arrive there in time. We had a show at Sziget festival in Budapest the day before. It’s a fucking big festival and we played in front of 3000 people. The show was great and we went to some friend’s places after a very quiet drinking. We didn’t want to be tired as we played at Brutal Assault. We wanted to leave Budapest at noon. Everyone in the band was ready to go except our drummer who stayed at the festival area to drink one more beer with some of his friends. We couldn’t reach him on his mobile phone. We went to the festival which is very very big (200.000 people a day) and found him at 3 o’clock lying totally drunk on a bench. We put him in the van and went to Czech Republic. We arrived at the festival half an hour before the time we were supposed to play. We woke him up and he was a bit surprised  where we are and what time it is but finally there was no serious problem, he could play the songs, hehe.“

And the plans for Year 2005???

„First of all to release the DVD and then to record our new album. We have some songs already written. Plus we will play many shows in the summer. As you can see, we have many plans. This seems to be a good year for Sear Bliss.“

I hope your lovely masterpiece will be boisterously appreciated. Let you flame be stronger and stronger ... !!! Thanks ...

„Thanks for your support! Greetings to whom came to see us in Praha when we played there in February on our tour with Skyforger.“

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