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DARK GAMBALLE – „Dobrý lhář“

Death metal band from Chile!

Hi. introduce your band, I mean where do you come from, what meals do you like, do you prefer blondes or dark-haired, your accounts numbers, your good and bad features and of course your penal index, just everything our readers could be interested in, because I am sure you are a completely unknown band here in the Czech Republic!

Hi Jaromir? Sheolgeenna is a Chilean band that is the product of what we as a group have wanted to project for quiet some time. In the beginning, our idea was to play Death Metal, self-called ?Primigenian Evil Death Metal?, with the course of time we started to purify not only the music but also the lyrics until we reached the current sound, a brutal and conceptual Death Metal. We are very interested in music with overwhelming force, and on the other hand the themes we touch on in our songs are the reflection of part of the teachings and philosophies that influence our lives. As to the meals and blondes or brunettes, we have very good taste? for all? hahaha. Fortunately, none of us have a police record, yet.

What does your logo mean and what is it in translation. It is quite interesting that there is no pentagram, death or a gore theme, but. Moon! And I am interested what you album's title "Shukar Kieis, Maker - Salalhas - Baz" mean?

This will remain a mystery, because the idea is to not spread in a direct way the concepts surrounding Sheolgeenna, but I can tell you that these concepts involve a duality as a pilar in all creation, it?s not a unilateral conceptualization. Everything in our logo (name and moon) has a meaning. The title of our album refers to three important things. First of all, it refers to the opposing view of the most obvious and relevant things in the purely material world, that is, mysticism?s hidden and invested focus. Second of all, these ideological conceptions lead to extreme manifestations in the sexual level, which is one of man?s significant manifestations of power. Third of all, the message to free onself of everything in the spiritual level, of the human feelings of fear, which are represented in the submission to imposed dogmas or patterns in an irrefutable way.

What were your beginnings like? Was it easy or difficult? Sometimes it is better when some member of a band is wealthier and pulls the others forwards. All the guys are pleased that they have somewhere to play. etc. what was and is like?

Our beginnings were pretty tough in the economic sense, since in South America it is very difficult to play metal music, especially underground metal, but this gave us more passion for what we wanted to capture in our musical creations. All of us, old and new band members have been happy playing for Sheolgeenna. Even though until this day things are hard, which is the reason we must get means from other economic sources in order to keep playing.

Before your debute album "The Dark Chambers." were there some recordings and are they to get anywhere still?

Before our debut album, all we had was our one demo called ?Emerged From Outside  Skies?, which was sef-produced along with Arte Pagano (an independent and underground record label). ?EFOS? was a great hit in the national scene, and also abroad, it was reedited several times.

I must say that I know only you, SHEOLGEENNA from your country and I was very surprised that the first piece I heard was so great! Are there some other bands in your country, which are worth talking about?

Of course! There are some incredible bands here in Chile, with a lot of potential and quality. Among these are Melektaus, Dethroner, Diabolical Messiah, Trimegisto, Death Smell, etc. There are many bands. I recommend you listen to them.

When listening to your music, it is clear that you are lovers of classic death metal, a bit like MORBID ANGEL or your almost neighbour KRISIUN! Am I right?

We can?t deny that classic Death Metal bands have greatly influenced our music, and we really like what bands like Morbid Angel, Immolation, Suffocation, Autopsy, Krisiun, Rebaelliun, Nile, and many others play.

How are you getting on with KRISIUN? Are you friends, do you help each other? Have you had at least a smaller tour around Latin America?

The truth is that we are not in direct contact with Krisiun; the link with them has been through Claudio Cruces (Rawforce) and Carlos Aguilar (Black Shadows Tattoos), since they are close to Krisiun. It would still be very good to form a friendship with them, since they are excellent musicians and friendly people (our regards to Alex Camargo.)

Your sound is excellent! Describe your work in that and if you are satisfied or not. Do you think that it is possible to do something better? Hmmm, myself I think you have done a professional piece of work  musically as well as in the studio!

We are very pleased with what we?ve done so far, in the music and the themes we?ve dealt with. In respect to the album, we still think that it could have had a better studio sound, that is we?re not completely satisfied with this technical aspect, but even so, we believe that the product is very good. Our future intentions are to reach an optimal sound, since the new songs are coming strong.

If I am right, I think Nuno Santos works in ANCIENT CEREMONIES magazine, in your case he has done your booklet. How did you get together? What is your opinion of this well-known metal magazines?

Nuno Santos has a friendship with Claudio Cruces, therefore that is our link to him. Because of this, it was him who did the graphics work on the inside of the album?s cover. On my part, I already had knowledge of his Ancient Ceremonies magazine, which seems very professional to me, he has very respectable career path.

Because I am in a connection with Claudio from RAWFORCE RECORDS, who produces you the album, tell me something about him. I am interested if you are satisfied with his work? Are you his first attempt and what is he planning in the future? Has he enough energy still, because I think that producing such a great album of SHEOLGEENNA, haha, had to get him really tired?

We?re going to kill him when we see him! Hahahahaha. Just joking. Claudio is an excellent guy, he sticks by his commitments. Rawforce?s work has been incredible, we have nothing bad to say about him (though he must be careful with stairs?. Hahaha). We?re thinking of recording a new album next year, it would be great to work with Rawforce again.

Now we are talking about music of SHEOLGEENNA! Lyrics are written only by the singer Darkon? Noone else took part in writing lyrics? The music is composed by guitarists Warrior and Draconis. Has is been the same all the time? Everyone makes his own work and you finish it together? What is it like? I am interested if you respect each other, if you have a kind of democracy or bit a dictature?

We?ve always assigned certain tasks within the band, Darkon writes the lyrics, and Draconis and I are in charge of the music. This does not mean that we don?t work together, we all take part in the musical arrangements, Pablo (Drummer) is very important in this respect. I have to make it clear that every lyric or music composed for a song must be approved by the whole band. This isn?t a dictatorship in any way.

Which track would you call the most significant of SHEOLGEENNA? Like noone would know you and you would then say "listen to the track..." and the guy would have it clear! It is difficult, hahaha.

It?s hard to say which is Sheolgeena?s most significant song, because all our songs are a vital part of Sheolgeena, it is impossible to narrow it down to just one song. Which is why I say: ?listen to all our songs.?

What are you working on recently? A tour, or are you composing new songs, I am interested in your merchandise as well and what can people get on the adress you give me?

We are currently promoting our album ?The Dark Chambers?? which means that we?ve played live a lot and will continue to do so. We are also starting a new phase of creating songs, which already show an evolution from what we did in our current album. In respect to this, be it to know more about our band, get merchandise, listen to music, etc. visit our web page or write to and to

If you have something more to say, which we both forgot, say it and have a great time! Bye!

It has been a pleasure to do this interview. A big hello to everyone in the Czech Republic and in general to all who enjoy real Death Metal and not the popular commercial crap, stay loyal to the roots. ?Maher-Salahas-Baz?!!!!!!

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