Count De Nocte - Interview

1. How is possible you made so excellent material? Are you associated with the Devil?

on the Mcd are made during quiteThanks a lot for the compliment. Those sons a long time so we had enough time to make them as good as possible.And we really tried our best. But those songs are nothing if you couldcompare them to new 8 songs which we have made. At least I think so.

2. Why the Polish label- Mad Lion?

It was the best solution for that time and they gave us a good deal so why not. The label is growing fast and guys behind it are really seriously into it as we are into our music. They also do good promo work for us all the time.

3. But your cover wasn't to succeed...

In a matter of fact the original cover was the photo which is now on the back cover. And Mad Lion asked about why wouldn´t you put the picture which now is on the cover to the cover and we said let´s go. It´s also easier to make shirts´bout that picture. It had also something to do with printing.

4. You're like at home- in the studio Tico-Tico, aren't you? What were their thoughts about your music? Did they talk to you, what you've got to do?

Tico is a very cool place to record stuff. The mixing man Ahti is really a genious behind his mixing table. The whole athmosphere is very relaxed and you could also drink some beer if you want and everything like that. Ahti didn´t say anything about our music nor he gave any ideas. We did it all and told him what kind of a sound  to which instrument and he didexactly what we wanted. The only part which we didn´t take part so much was the final mixing, ´cos we didn´t had to. It was like Ahti would have read it from our minds.

5. To which degree did you help the puting of your 2 songs in the compilation Showcase Rec.?

It was a lot easier to promote the band in those days before computers which make cds a cd among all those demo tapes got more attention and that is why Mad Lion signed us.

6. Have you got any problems with that who you are e.g. in school, att wotk, at your girl-friends, at home?

When we were at highschool we had lots of problems with some teachers and it was just because we looked different that the other face-minus people. After that for me in university I don´t have any kind of problems, but i restaurants some people come to make and try to make a fight ´cos of my outer appearance. But now I don´t go into fucking techno places at all and usually I go to a rock club where I know allmost everyone. About girls? well all the girls I know are some sort of satanists so no problems. And at home no problems at all my parents were when I lived in home very openminded.

7. I'm so glad , you haven't got the use of female vocals like other bands do, what do you think about those ones, where it's represented to the utmost?

For me I play blackmetal ´cos it´s fast and aggressive music. Those bands who use female vocals all the time are just crap. They don´t have balls in their stuff and it just sounds to me a bit lazy. Count De Nocte will i hope never use female things, but maybe just in some very short parts.

8. Do you know any Czech black metal bands?

Sorry I don´t know I know only Krabathor´cos we are supposed to do a small tour with them also some gigs in Czech. And I hope I really hope that it will come to reality soon.

9. Which kind of people do you like and hate?

I like honest people and those who are a bit against the coverment controlling fucking system. I hate hypocritic christians who say you are a bad person ´cos of your believes. I hate fucking neo-nazis also police, politicians. All kind of extremists no matter left or right sided. Fucking terrorists (where is the glory killing innocent children). Techno hip-hop people, but all in all I try to be open minded as possible and not to hate anybody without really thoroughly knowing why.

10. Did you have a nice childhood?

Wow! What a question! I really laughed when I saw this one I mean I don´t want to insult you mister author, but this is really exeptional one.Yes I had a nice chilhood and I am lucky in that part.

Thanks a lot for the ´view I tried my best doing those anwers.

J Hohtari & Count De Nocte, c/o Jarmo Hohtari, Puomikaari 3, 18300 Heinola KK, Finland

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