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ZEUS - Answers by Mike Mayers

ZEUS, ZEUS, why just this name? There can be power and might felt from this you long for it?

I chose the name ZEUS because to me it represents power and superiority and the name represents the seriousness of my music. I felt I needed a powerful name to back up the intensity of the music and lyrics.

Is ZEUS just you? It suits you fine I guess, at least you don't quarrel with eh...

Yes, ZEUS is just me, I have had line-ups in the past but people have been unreliable, also people have not taken ZEUS- seriously enough. People might think that because I'm doing ZEUS alone that I'm an egitist which is not true, it's just that if people aren't willing to do it, it doesn't mean I should quit. I'm totally dedicated to ZEUS so I won't quit, hopefully I'll get a full band line-up again eventually, but even if I don't I'll carry on regardless.

Is your demo "Fear" destined only for labels or is it also available for people? If yes, why haven't you paid more patience to your cover?

The demo is destined for labels and people, a friend of mine did the front cover artwork, it was drawn- several years ago and wasn't intended for ZEUS, I liked it so he let me use it for the cover of the "Fear" demo. Also I thought it had aneerie and desolate feeling that was suitable to the demo, the reason I didn't pay more patience to the cover as you put it, is because of a lack of money due to the amount of copies that had to be done, on the next demo I'm hoping to have a colour and more- professional cover.

Please describe your musical style, I have problems with it.

I describe my musical style as "Dark Metal" this is due to the relatively innovative sound and dark subtect matter of ZEUS mainly of an emotional and psychological nature. To me my music sounds cold and harsh, intense and in parts disturbing. The fact that you say you have problems describing my music is a good thing because it means it is not so easy to catergorise it along with other bands.

Has any label addressed you with a deal for an album?

I have been offered a 2 to 3 album deal from Unisound records from Greece, but I turned it down because I have been told a lot of bad things by bands that were on the label and other people, they supposed to be a rip-off label, which was disapointing. Hope fully another label might be interested.

When can we expect anything new and what should we expect?

I am currently writing the material for the new demo which should be out within the year. It should be even more atmospheric than the "Fear" demo and hopefully it will have a much better production than the last one. I feel that it is very hard to sound totally original these days with the amout of bands about and all the different styles of metal but with this next demo I am aiming to do that.

Thanks for this very short interview.

Good luck with the zine.

ZEUS, Mike Mayers, 112 Lee Lane, Horwich, Bolton, Lancs., BL6 7 AE, ENGLAND


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