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ETEF 2022

Interview with Vaginator and Ulcer, two singers of this Poland band.

Your slogan of „Anal Fist Fuck Gore“ is very catching, intellectual and there is hidden political meaning doubtless (laugh). Please can you sum up the main ideas and thoughts of your lyrics and your music? What would you like to say to mankind?

Vaginator: Hahaha  you could have a point speaking about hidden political meaning, but we didn’t have such a goal....Main idea – all sick pathologies, deviations and perversions – there are thing we all think about but not all of us have courage to admit it, you know, people are afraid of what others tell, what their reaction will be….We try to tell about all this stuff without giving a shit, of course sometimes we don’t get this seriously, but first of all, we’re having a lot of fun. This is some kind of side road from sick reality and often very long party with lot of drinking…..
Ulcer: First - not fist fuck but Anal Fisting Grind Gore, second – there is no hidden message or political meaning at all. The main idea is simple - 21st century rock 'n' roll, our creation. The lyrics are about many things, from gentle caresses to shitting.

NUCLEAR VOMIT started in 2005, but before the actual CD there is only one demos of „Bestial Masturbation“ in your discography. Didn’t you record more materials? Do you remember the time of founding of this band, how does it all begin?

V: You’re right. „Bestial Masturbation” is first and last stuff created in studio before our debut album. Speaking of rising of band I think that it was one of many youth dreams of former members of NV. I don’t really know how it was. I joined the band after release of “Bestial Masturbation” and still it goes.
U: We recorded only one demo CD, and this is only stuff that we made it before „Obora”. At the times when band was found I wasn't in line up.

There were so long period between demo and debut album that someone could fell the believing you will follow  with regular CD. Did think about NV as about regular band from the beginning or it was only a project for you? How is it today?

V: Well, no doubts, now NV is the other band than it was once. There were lots of changes through these years. I joined NV because I wanted to try something different from what I did in other bands. It was easy because I love this kind of music and all stuff connected with it. Besides me and Ulcer always wanted to do the band called ‘Obora’  where we could let out our gore grind visions…. Nowadays NV is a much more than opportunity to good party. Guys got lot of ideas and we having fun so, the passion, so I assure you – this is only a matter of time when new NV stuff will be released.
U: At the beginning i thought that this will be another project I’ll record some demos with but guys had a lot of passion and great ideas so this will become a regular band. Today nothing change. Soon we'll be finishing our new album and I hope that we'll record it as soon as possible.

I was asking you the preceding question because the band members are playing in other projects and band, for example ULCER UTERUS, CALL OF UNEARTHLY, INFATUATION OF DEATH or INCINERATE INFECTION. I really don’t understand how can you keep up all these activities, so can you tell me how is it with creating, playing and so on, what is priority for you? If I am true, you all are living in different towns…

V: Many times I've asked myself how we do this hehe...As i mentioned before we have a lots of fun. the passion which is always with you if you really care about something, if you’re heading to settled goals. The best part is that my only job is to scream out, i love to do this so everything is ok...Sometimes is really hard to make it out but so far i do not have to choose between one band and the others. I have a big respect for the guys form all bands i play in for understanding...Infatuation of Death is my very first band, we are just before record our full length CD...I joined Ulcer Uterus 2 years ago and it pretty fucking cool to play gigs with them...Additionally I just recorded with Dira Mortis MCD called "Cult of Rotten Death" - it's very good stuff so you have to be familiar with this band. At last but not at least I am in one team with Epitome, this is a legend of polish grind. It is so cool to play with band which i was listening when was much younger. Nuclear Vomit is my priority now, so as you see i cannot complain on lack of band activities. As long as will and passion will be by my side i will try to deal with it somehow....
U: And we still going on! UU was my first band, therefore NV. COU is only studio band. Everyone of us has his part in composing. Each band i play with is as much important as the other one. We're all from Silesia. Rehearsal place is common for each band so there is no problem with this.

It is not a long time what your debut of “Obora” was publishing but I think we can speak about some recapitulation. What reaction did you obtain from reviewers and funs? Is there absolute satisfaction with this material in your band?

V: Reactions are extremely good. „Obora” seemed to be a hit in ten. Track „Obora” became a hit in our local metal community. I don’t even imagine a good NV gig without this track. We played last year a lot of gigs with gore/grind gods as Dead Infection, Ghoul, Heammorrhage… The nig thanks goes to Przemek from Mad Lion Records for all help. He did his job perfectly!
U: There were different reactions but we are happy.

When I tried to find the meaning of Obora word I got know that it is word for “house” for pigs, cows, cattle or horses without any differences. Can you tell me if we could use this word also for some pub (laugh)? Do you have some extreme records made in your Obora?

V: Yeah, that’s the point – house of pigs. Of course if you want to you can use this “name” as a name of pub. But we have a condition – we have to be on place during opening and I promise you, the booze will be poured well. We don’t have any pictures from Obora but I have a lot of great pictures in other style hehe
U: YES, you could use that name for your pub :)

There is a famous pussy intro which used also LIVIDITY band at their album. How are you choosing the intros and outros for your songs and albums? Do you have some favorite crazy movies good for inspirations?

V: Yeah...the famous Tarantino stuff…. We use such intros without a reason, we just like them. There is so much stuff within horror/gore, polish or well-like by me porno movies that almost everyone can make his own sample list and it still fit to our music. There is a lot of sample around us so I sleep well knowing that next album will has a lot of them.
U: By time when we chose samples we didn't think that maybe other band used it before. Almost every sick movie has a lot of samples that just wait for using them. Honestly i do not have one which would be my favorite.

Very interesting is also name of Pornoland song. Can you tell me some words about your ideal porno world? What attraction from this world could you recommend me?

V: This is very hard question hehe. Porno industry besides music is my second favourite hobby. I've got over 1000 titles so this is really hard for me. Is the ideal Pornoworld really exist? I think that it depends on each one of us. Sometimes i like to watch something normal and sometimes something totally different. It was time that I was interested only in Czech series like Pee Squad, Pissing in Action, Fully Clothed Pissing, Cum Squad, etc etc... Hot chicks, hot clothes, totally funny situations, and pissing, and all this is well composed. On the other hand series Rychly Prachy or Public Invasion was totally freak-off too. In my opinion Czech Republic is one of best porno business country and I am proud of you guys he,he. I don't like shitting but pissing is awesome. If you like totally mentally disturbing movies you should get know with productions of John Thompson, especially GGG Total Devot series (and try to hookup with German chick after all hehe). I also like Videorama and Magda Film too. This is it as far as pissing, and deviations are concerned. Now it's time for schoolgirls, teachers, nuns etc etc. And the winner is American porno business - MarcDorcel and Mario Salieri. I won't even mention about Rocco because he is a god just like Ron Jeremy and John Holmes. So as you see there is a lot of this stuff, and it depends on you, what your private Pornoland will be.... My girlfriend still tells me that i'm a good boy hehe…
U: The perfect pornoland is a dark room, he and she in sleeping clothes, under duvet, having sex in missionary position :)

There are two cover songs taken from American MORTICIAN and Czech AHUMADO GRANUJO. Why did you choose just this band? Did you see them at some live show? How do you like the COCK AND BALL TORTURE´s version of this song?

V: It;s simple. Two ass-ripping awesome songs and that’s it, there is no special reason why these songs not the others. I wonder what covers we could make in future. Mortician and AG is a real killers on stage just like CBT, which version of Cold Turkey is totally fucking awesome.
U: We choose them because they are very crowd-moving. I saw AG live and they do their job perfectly. Each band make cover in their way, personally i very like CBT version.

If we talk about pigs you should love the PISGTY band, isn’t it? If you have some idea about Czech scene can you tell me if some of our bands are playing as good as European bands?

V: No doubts about it that you have a great bands in Czech Rep eg. Krabathor, Ingrowing, Jig-Ai, Isaacarum and much more….There is also something that I called – own metal scene syndrome, and I mean bands like Root, Master’s Hammer etc… These bands are really popular in Czech Rep. but outside Czech they are not… For me the Czech scene is some kind of phenomenon…I’m talking about summer fests. Every year is better that the previous one. I am so jealous because in Poland we do not have such a good open air fests.
U: I like Jig Ai. Ahumado Granujo, Pigsty, Isacaarum, Cyrnal Diafragma, Cerebral Turbulency, G.O.R.E, Krabathor, Pisstolero, Poppy Seed Grinder,Uprise and many others.

We spoke about pigs, do you like pork meat? Or is there some other reason for your admiring of these beautiful animals? Is pig slaughtering also so favorite in Poland like in Czech?

V: As like most of men i eat meat. The meat is a base of traditional polish kitchen. What pig looks like everyone knows – the beauty itself. It’s some kind of paradox, pig whole life dig in shit but taste wonderful haha. I don’t know how it is in Czech but in Poland pig slaughtering is a every day routine.
U: As far as I now pig slaughtering is much more popular in Poland than in Czech.

It is possible to say that every face resembling some animal. If you will stay before the mirror, what kind of animal you will see? And what about the band members? Please try to think about different animals for other band member and don’t say all are only a pigs.

V: Next hard question. When i look in the mirror i see the pig hehehe but Ulcer reminds me rat (this is his nickname within close friends hehe). Other I have no idea; you figure it out by yourself when we meet together.
U: I do not see myself as an animal but Vaginathor could be an elephant seal.

Your debut album was published by Mad Lion music label, do you think this is the best working music label interesting in your music style in Poland?

V: I don’t know if Mad Lion is the best label, maybe there are better....but i know for sure that there are worse. We are very happy of what Przemek did for us. He supports us all the time he really does his work. Everyone who knows Przermek know that he is a specific kind of guy he,he. I personally know Przemek over 10 years so for me it was obvious which label we should choose, and I can say that the choice was right.
U: After recording „Obora” we chose ML because this was good for us. There are lots of labels, which one is better? I'm not the right person to asses it.

Mad Lion are publishing also American ATROCITY. Do you like their reunion? What do you think about that boom of reunions and comebacks during some last years?

V: The boom of reunion is very popular recently, i don’t want to give names but everybody knows how it is, some reunions are good, some are pitiful, and some are made to make some cash. As far as I ma concerned Atrocity “Let War Rage” is a little surprise for me, so for me this reunion is really good.
U: One band after reactivation does grat job, other doesn't. Actually i'm pleased that they're on stage again.

If we are deeply in Poland scene, do you think that there is some possibility that some band could by so successful like BEHEMOTH or VADER? What level of popularity do you like to reach with NUCLEAR VOMIT?

V: There always are possibilities...Look what’s going on now with Hate, they did good stuff recently, they play gigs all the time. Personally I do not like their new image but you know, this is only my opinion. New release of Lost Soul is absolutely perfect and for me this is the best album that was recorded last year in Poland….Nuclear Vomit popularity? Hmm I don’t like to make a wishes but I am very happy of how it is. Now is good and it’s great, what will be in future we’ll see.
U: There is no way to make a carrier such as Behemoth or Vader. We have lots of really good bands here in Poland, but they are new bands, you know, without many years of experience. In fall of 80/90's when Vader began to making a music it was much easier because actually it wasn't much bands.

Poland scene is full of very controversial band, there are extreme nationalistic, extreme antichristian black metal band and strange organizers and so on.  There is no possibility don’t ask you about fictive Unholy Fest which should be in Czech Republic, Ostrava. Do you hear something about it? Do you have some reason about this entire situation?

V: Unholy fest was known as the biggest fake fest from the beginning. Everybody knows that and they were right. The idiot who was responsible for that is just a fucking thief. Earlier he tried to make some gigs in Poland like Dismember but they have never happened. The saddest is fact that he wanted to make a shit in your country, obviously here in Poland there was no place for him. Unfortunately here in Poland there are lot of guys just like him, who want to make a fest but they do not know anything about it.
U: Rose Production … No comments

We catch the black metal style. Your other band is CALL OV UNEARTHLY. There are three demos, can we expect also regular album? Which metal music style is closer to your dark heart (bands, funs, concerts, clubs…)?

U: As i mentioned before Call of Unearthly is a studio band. There is no reason to not be in BM as well. Next year the next COU demo will be released but this time it will be more death than black metal. Personally i prefer death/grind that black.

We are close to the end. You will play at Guttural Gore Grind Mafia fest #2 in Ostrava, try to invite your fans and tell them why they should see your show? Can we expect something special?

V: On each gig we’re like animals so I want to invite all Czech maniacs to see us. We’ll spill some blood!
See yaa!
U: We can't wait to play on GGGM#2 in Ostrava. Every gig is special so be ready for holy bukkake! (and eventually drink some polish vodka with NV maniacs).

So, last routine question…what will come with NUCLEAR VOMITS in short future? Have you some news songs?

V: Of course we've got and gonna perform it during GGGM2. Be afraid!
U: No, we haven't.

Thank you so much for your time and if we loose something, here is the space for you:

V: Thank you, thank you, thank you very much for your support! Anyone interested in our music should contact our label on Stay sick!!! Cheers!!!

Interview by Anxur

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