SOILWORK - interview

1. How is possible, I haven't know you yet? And you proved to make so fantastic album...

I bow thee for those great compliments, and I can never be gladder to hear that there is a new fan somewhere out there.

2. There's no use about resisting of that you love CARCASS and AT THE GATES, do you feel this like a reverence or regret it?

Why should we, I mean we always get that a lot and as I have said in a lot of interviews, yes we have listened to some At The Gates but not as much as people prefer to believe. We do of course also like Carcass, as they are "Gods of Grind". We do not regret the album if that is what you mean, but if we were to do the album once more there were to be made some changes. I think it's a pretty good debut album.

3. How long took you the making of material on this CD? I've still really good feelings from its listening and this CD became one of my the most listening.

I thank you once again, and I can tell you that the album was not made in one time, there were some songs that we had been playing for quite some time before we started on making new ones. But we had like 5 songs before we got signed on Listenable so we did the rest a few months before we went in to the studio.

4.You have great sound, production, melody, energy hard, vocals....You deserved in my fanzine full number of points, did you notice also bad responses? If so- from who and which kind?

Yes, we have also got bad reviews from Terrorizer saying that SOILWORK is only a new Gothenburg replica with predictable guitar soli. I think that he's wrong, If you look back a year you will se that the guy that did the review worshiped Gothenburg metal, but as soon as it became a trend he started to throw bad criticism on it. We have also been called At the Gates wannabes by a few. But I would only like to say that we have never tried to compete with At the Gates, and we never will we are SOILWORK and if you listen to the album more than once you will se that we are not some regular Gothenburg copies!

5. Who's in the foreground on the backside of your promo CD (in the eye-glasses)? I think, he's probably leader...

That's Speed the singer and I guess that you could say that he and I (I'm the second guy in glasses standing behind Speed) are the leader of the group.

6. Which kind of means communication do you prefer? A car, bus, train, bike or by foot? And why?

If I had a car I would probably use it as transportation, but since I don't have any money I guess that Ill have to sedle for bus or my black military bike.

7. Could you describe me your private flat, if you still play like a child with the cars? If not, don't you miss your childhood?

Erhmpf!!!!!!, I'm embarrassed to say it but I still live at home so I guess that my flat consists of my room with my Spawn posters, and my stereo. Things were a lot easier when I was a kid than they are now. I mean no problems you could shit in your pants and there were someone to wipe it up, MAN I MISS THAT PART!!

8. How old were you, when you found out, you'll play death metal?

I guess I was like 14-15 years old when I realized that Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death were gods, and they still are in their way. I used to practise with my friend in his garage and we got kicked our just because we played music that the neighbours didn't approve of, fuck them !!!

9. If it would be possible, to which animal would you reincarnate?

Cool question!, I guess that I would be a roster in a henhouse just eat, shit and fuck all day, although I would miss my guitar!!!!

Take care!

Hope you come to se us on tour with Krisiun in December!!!!!!

SOILWORK, Peter Wichers, Villtonts V.6, 25234 Helsingborg, Sweden


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