SOILENT GREEN - interview

Why did you decide so strange name for music so extreme as you are presenting...I just can't understand it!

Let me tell you a little story. SOILENT GREEN is actually an old black & white moise (spelled different, Soylent Green). It was about how the goverment used people as processed food by products. They mixed people together just like SOILENT GREEN mixes-up different styles of Extreme music, or metal (I'm not afraid to use this word) to say. It's like putting CELTIC FROST, NAPALM DEATH, NAKED CITY, NEUROSIS,MERZBOW, QUEEN, GWAR, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL, etc. In a big blender and shoving ever bit of it down peoples throats. We're where old school meets new school with a touch of everything else. So, now is my point a little clear. We like music, extreme music at that, and like to mix all of our influences together. Cool!

And your cover is not looking like very typical...

I would hope not. i think the music is not typical so why should the cover be typical. Think of it like this. An elaborate beautiful cover with a beautiful girl. What really lurks inside beaty...? Outer beauty at that. Inside awaits the repressed. Stagnated extremities waiting to be unleashed. Think about it!

I could say that you are close to BRUTAL TRUTH even if their new album is not well done (by my opitium). When I've heart. I thought that's the continue of "Need To Control" from BRUTAL TRUTH is some telation or any influence?

I like BRUTAL TRUTH a lot. They're also some of the most down to earth guys. I think BRUTAL TRUTH has a part influence in SOILENT GREEN. If not with all of us, some of us. I appreciate the conection, but BRUTAL TRUTH are more extreme to me. Don't get me wrong SOILENT GREEN is extreme, but BRUTAL TRUTH have an insane edge.

Why did you put the comics figures into your booklet MCD? Do you like a rubber, latex, bizzar sex...?

Possibly! I think that is a persons personal taste. Plus some of us dig comics, especially erotic comics. I read a quote somewhere that said "if it is not erotic, it is not interesting". I believe that, to an extent. Don't over do it, but just enough is fine.

Tell me something about your beginnings, the concerts in clubs...

SOILENT GREEN started in 1988. About six years ago Scott Williams/ Bass joined and months after I joined. So, that was the Punch/ Gui., Brian Patton/ Gui., Tommy Buckley/ Drums, Scott Williams/ Bass, and myself (Ben Falgout)/ Voc.. As the current line-up we have played numerious shows, a few small tours, and out of town weekend shows. All sorts of venues, to house, clubs, garages, arenas, etc. We did /Dates W/ EXTREME NOISE TERROR and GRIEF about 3-4 years ago. At the beginning of this year we went on the road with BRUTAL TRUTH for about 2 1/2 weeks. We played some shows (all together) with PANTERA. Philip got us on those. He's real supportive of us. Recently we played w/ EYEHATEGOD a CROWBAR in the states for the month of August.

What will follow after MCD?

Right now as a spear our is full length (with RELAPSE REC.) Is making it's way around. The title of it is "Sewn Mouth Secrets", it contains 13 songs and we feel it is the best recording we have ever done to represent SOILENT GREEN. Hopefully we will make our way to Europe or anywhere overseas in the months to come.

In Czech is this kind of music very popular but what's the situation in your envirous? What about parents, girlfriend?

In the U.S. music is very scatterd. Different styles in different areas. I find in northeast, part of the U.S. the people are a lot more into extreme forms of music than other parts of the U.S. in Louisiana the music is quite meshed together. The shows consist of bands od different styles. It really varies everywhere you go. I think this is good!

I think that you must play in very technic way in so fast passages- otherwise it will be a chaos. You are playing perfectly- 100%!!! You are care about songs- you don't record a boring songs, you want sing have a drive, energy. Are you planning to continue in this way or you want to play more fast & extreme...or you'd like to try some ballads f.a.?

We take pride in our music and the extreme way we present it I can't say what will be in the future of SOILENT GREEN. As we progress we will change. It is an impossible cycle, but we can still do extreme things within this change. No laws, No boundries, FREEDOM!!!

From the T.V. I must have a vision that the Americans are slim, beautiful, great...simply the best people. On the beaches you could see the nice girls with long hair and big bosom. Therefore you can describe to me about one American man- how he looks, what he is doing during the day...

O.K., I would like to start this question by saying. I don't really like T.V. I do watch it (cartoons, movies, horror, science filton), but as far as the bullshit, T.V. shows and media, it's fakes feeding an image to people of tall slim beautiful people. America is a meltingpot of all sorts of people. T.V. is the escape world for the unimagiantive. Read a good book, do something physical, make your own T.V. show. I'm tall and skinny, but one of our guitarists is short and thin as so on. Just be yourself, fuck what people think.

Last thing! What do you know about Czech Music scene?

I don't rally know too much, but I sure would like to play there. Hopefully one day this can happen. I'm sure if people like you are doing underground fanzines there has to be some sort of extreme scene. Even if you are the only one or if there is another hundred or so people!

Last words...Thanks for an interview

Thanks! Support the Underground!

SOILENT GREEN, 1720 Concord Av. Metairie, LA 70003, USA

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