1. How is possible, you haven't got a contract for 5 albums?

There are so many shitty bands with CD and I'm sorry about you, you haven't got any. Well, we were approached by several labels about releasing our demo on CD. We ultimately decided to go with X-Rated Records to do that. We have also talked to several labels about releasing a full length, and some of those labels have expressed interest in signing us for multiple album deals. We will  probably sign to the label which can offer us the combination of a recording budget and the best possible distribution, but no decisions have been made as of yet.  

2. What do you inspire in your music- so splendid ideas, who's the main author of music?

Thank you for your compliments! Brian and I write almost all of the music together. We compose each songs basic structure on guitar, then we take that song to band practice where we collaborate with the other band members on adding their partsdrums, bass, vocals, etc. We find many sources of inspiration, but I would have to say that listening to our favorite  bands (like Dark Tranquillity, Orphaned Land, Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Horrified (RIP), Crypt of Kerberos (RIP), In Flames, Depresy, etc) is our greatest inspiration.

3. Why eclipse of thesun?

It's quite dark...I was inspired by the majesty of the suns eclipse and by the power of the solar entity. That is why I wrote the song "Heart of the Corona" and we felt it was fitting as the demos title and cover as well.

4. G.O.S. sounds really sad, first I thought you're a doom metal band, but was wrong, I know. Has G.O.S. deeper meaning than the words? And who's the author of logo?

I came up with the band name several years before I joined the band. After so many line-up changes, and seeing how the music was very different, we wanted to choose a new name that better fit with the style of music we were creating.I suggested Garden of Shadows, and everyone thought that it got the idea across. It seems to have different meanings to different people, although I believe that for everyone it conjures similar imagery. There is not as much a meaning behind our name as there is an essence. It captures the mood that we want to convey in our musicfeelings of magnificence, darkness, and  beauty.Pagan Darkwoods is the artist who designed our new logo, which we are very happy with!

5. Do you plan any new songs, album? Could you speak a little bit more about it?

Since the recording of our demo, we have written 9 songsone of which (Shards of the Sphere) was recorded in March of 98 and is featured as a bonus track on the release of our demo on CD. The others will be released on our first full length which we are hoping to record this Spring. Some of the tentative song titles to be featured are Oracle Moon, Continuum, In Dreams, Wither Away, and Desert Shadows. We would like to release it in 1999, but I cannot give you an exact date.

6. Are you people who love fun or you're a solitary band? What do you do all day?

Brian and I are somewhat serious people, but that doesnt mean that we dont like to have fun and enjoy ourselves. We take our music seriously but that is because it is what we love and it is the most important thing in our lives.Right now, we are not working or going to school, so we have a lot of time on our hands. We practice with the rest of the band 2 or 3 times a week and we also spend a lot of time at home playing guitar and writing music. When  were not doing that, we try to go out to the movies, go out to dinner, or go out with our good friends. The rest of the band are not as serious and they like to party a lot. They all have jobs, and our drummer, Bret is about to get married, but they try to have fun whenever they can.

7. What are your opinions on FORGOTTEN SILENCE. Do you know all their albums, do you like the eldest or new ones?

I love Forgotten Silence!!! They are an excellent band. I just got their T-shirt a few weeks ago! I have "Thots" and "Senyaan" on tape. I like them both,but I think that I like "Senyaan" even more than "Thots".

8. You've written me, you like my pictures. What would you like to paint,you?

I do like your picturesthey are quite eroticand I love fantasy and erotic art. I also like the work of Milo Manara, Luis Royo, Giovanna Cassotto, and Olivia to name a few. I have never thought about it before, but I guess I would be nice to have a painting of myself in a fantasy setting.

9. Ááá I'm reading, your demo was released at X-Rated Rec., where is also 8:30 bonus "Shards Of The Sphere" how is it to get this song when I've got a demo and I don't want to buy a CD.

But of course you want to buy a CD! First of all, the demo songs were specially mastered for this release and the sound quality is far superior to that of our demo. Second of all, you can listen to a CD over and over without ever wearing it out as tapes inevitably do. Third, the packaging is far superior to our demo with an 8 page color booklet that contains all of  the lyrics.and finally, it has a playing time of almost 40 minutes and you can get it for the price of only a MCD, so I definitely think it is worth it!!

10. Will I have any opportunity to see you live?

I hope so! We would love to play in Europeit has always been a dream of ours. There are no plans as of yet, but if we could work it out in a feasible way, then we would not hesitate to go.

11. How many brothers and sisters you have, do you love your family?

I have only two brothers and no sisters. I always wanted a sister, though.There are many times when I do not get along with my family, and I had a somewhat dysfunctional childhoodbut of course I love them and I always will.

12. How would you react on the betrayal of a friend?

If a friend betrays me, I will never be able to fully trust that person again. It will probably be the end of our friendship altogether.

13. And, am I your friend (in your opinion?).

You are my new friend, and I hope we can become even better friends!

14. Mary, thank you for interview...Bye

Thank you, Deather!!! I really appreciate your support!!!

c/o Brian, 14712 BOTANY WAY, GAITHERSBURG MD 20878, USA

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