CENTURIAN - interview

I know nothing about your band...

Well, Jaromir and readers, I will change this immediatly. CENTURIAN is the blizzard band that from this day forward will hunt you all down 'till everyone is enslaved, send to Hell or has become CENTURIAN freaks, what means you're going to Hell also but with a little help from our side.

How did you come to FULL MOON, you have five labels in your country and your music is excellent.

CENTURIAN has indeed got any good deals offered from labels our own country, but the deal Jon of FULL MOON Productions offered us was one we couldn't refuse. FULL MOON offered us a deal which include, very good studio budget, a very good promotion all around the globe, toursupport for our coming tours etc. Besides this all they have a very good distributing for our CD's. FULL MOON Prod. is in Europe maybe known as "a not very big label", but in the USA their star is rising very fast and within a few years FULL MOON will be a very big label, with ofcourse a little help from bands as CENTURIAN, ACHERON and HATE ETERNAL.

Your label compares you to DEICIDE, but I think you were influenced even by debut album from ALTAR. ALTAR then changed their style and you seem to carry on in "Ego Art"?

Please take back your words. We don't want anything to do with ALTAR. Their music suck and so does their lyrics, ideals etc. We stand above them and those kind of bands. Our guitarplayer has a very different, faster and heavier kind of playing, my drumstyle is not comparable to the ALTAR drumer at all, and also bassplayer and our singer are much different, and better, so I don't see your point.

Your intro is pretty frightening- what is it about? Do you like intros etc. like ACHERON on your albums?

The intro CENTURIAN uses on the "Of Purest Fire" MCD is taken from the latest Hellraiser movie. It's an evokation. By means oof this intro we evoke the demons around CENTURIAN, like the one that's printed on the CD itself (and is tattoed on my chest). He is our circulair Demon and helps us reaching our goal and leads us to Hell. Normally, I am not very fond on intros etc., but an intro at the beginning of a CD (or in the middle, whatever) can be very affective. Most bands, using lots of intros and outros have special reasons with those intros and it will probably serve their goal but I don't like it and I always pass over these items.

You music is like hurricane, it leaves nothing alive behind! What drives you forward?

All the CENTURIAN members like fast, extreme ,music very much, so we play our metal fast and extreme. Especialy our guitarplayer has a very special way of handling his guitar, therefor CENTURIAN sounds like a Hurricane in his most destroying way. But you've only heard songs from our "Of Purest Fire" MCD, when you will our new songs, which will probably be released early next year, you will hear that even the CENTURIAN hurricane still gains power as we progress. What drives us forward?? Probably our sick minds and our hunger for speed and fast music!!!

What do you desire for?

Will the band we desire for recognition from other musicians and bands and let as much people as possible know our music. Through our lyrics we desire one goal: HELL!!!!!

What would you never want to experience in your life?

I want never in my life to experience a split between the four CENTURIAN members! We know eachother for one-and-a-half year now and have become the best mates/friends possible. In our ideas and in our music we are at one line and we all stand behind the band in the best way possible, therefor we are all having big CENTURIAN tattoos in the near future. Two members allready have these tattoos and it gives ourselves a special feeling of being a truely CENTURIAN Godkiller and I never want us four guys to split our lives.

I can't imagine you playing live? It must be a massacre!

Our music is live even a bigger Hurricane then at our CDs. Most of the times when we play live we play our music very, nad I mean very, fast, and these are lots of wounded people and casualies especially when we play our new songs like "Damned And Dead" or "Let Jesus Bleed" people go crazy. No seriously, CENTURIAN live is a true happening. We always kick-off with our "Evoking Demonstorms" introtape and after that we play a mixture of songs from the "Of Purest Fire", a few new songs and always a MORBID ANGEL cover, mostly "Blasphemy". In the band we have very good musicians therefor we differ live very much from other bands, I think. Especially the speed in which we play makes most audience freak out and realize that the CENTURIAN GOdkillers are maybe crazy and nutz but of a very special kind.

Why did you change your name from INQUISITOR to CENTURIAN?

INQUISITOR had some great years in the past. We did lots of shows in Holland, Germany and Belgium and we released the "Walpurgis-Sabbath Of Lust" CD, which got great reviews from all around the globe (some people even call it already a classic death/Thrash CD). But in the last few years we had lots of problems. We didn't like the contract that we signed with Shiver and we had lots of problems with our singer because he fucked his live (and the band) up with his drugabuse, so I kicked him out!!! After this the guitarplayer left to ANCIENT RITES (Belgium) because he thought he had a better future with those guys (Now he sees how CENTURIAN is doing he has mixed feelings). When the new guitarplayer came, I also kicked the former bassplayer out of the band, because he was a lazy son-of-a-bitch and he couldn't follow the riffs of the new guitarplayer (Well, he didn't even tried to follow it). When their also finally came a new singer the style has changed a lot, so we decided to change name into CENTURIAN and start all over again. Now it seems we made the right decision because CENTURIAN is doing much better then INQUISITOR ever did.

What would you do if you someday have got a period? How would you deal with it?

Well, If I got a period someday I'll probably got followed by all these bloodhungry vampire's around here, and all the horny dogs in the neighbourhood. So, no problem...I just Let it Bleed.

I'm not kidding!

Hé Jaromir, I am also not kidding

When are you going to release your next album?

CENTURIAN are very serious about their music and ideals, and I thank you for the change to explain some facts around the band. Probably early next year we will record and release our first full-lenght album, of which we don't have a title yet. In the mean time we do some nice shows here in Holland and probably also abroad.

Do you like big breasted women? Why? Do you think that what is bigger is better?!

About the big breasted women; Ofcourse I like them, but when big breasts (I prefer calling them just TITS) get old the mostly hang and then the women can beat you up with those weapons, so give me those small, nice, hard-nippled, safe little titties.

Ho, ho... Thank you for the interview!

CENTURIAN, c/o Wim van der Valk, Wallenbergstraat 27, 3882 HA Putten, HOLLAND


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