1.Why is your name so long...?

"Do you think our name is long ?? Blazing Eternity is not especially long in my opinion compared to other bands. Or maybe you are referring to the title of our new demo ? Hmm, the reason why it got so long was that it just sounded good, it was not on purpose. It's really hard to translate, but it means something like "There Rests A Night Under Black Winterbeeches". Yes, a BEECH - not a beach!!! A beech is a special tree, you know.....

2.I don't understand why you released a demo instead of regular album. Are you still under EUPHONIOUS RECORDS?

"Well, after our "Over Sorte Heder" demo we did recieve some offers,but we decided to make another demo because we felt we had much more to offer. There are so many bands that get signed after only one demo, and we didn't really wanted to be one of those bands. In my opinion it's better to make a really good demo instead of an average mediocre album. It's true that Euphonious Rec. is my label, but I don't want to release the album of Blazing Eternity there of different reasons. For example, it's easy to imagine that the bands signed to Euphonious would blame me for hyping my own band more than them. And I guess it would be hard for me not to. Also it's important for me to know that there are other labels interested in us, and not only ourselves. So now we have signed to Prophecy Productions from Germany."

3.That's what every demo should look like! I was charmed by music, sound and professionally made booklet. How long did it take, who helped you? Or did you release it yourselves?

"Well, the recording is quite old actually. We recorded it in September 1997 but it was first released in June 1998 due to delays with cover, printing etc. Our producer Jonas Chonovitsch also produced the "Over Sorte Heder" demo and he is my sisters boyfriend and a good educated sound-technician. The guy who did the booklet is a graphic designer who had a band some years ago which I helped with some promotion. So, he made it quite cheap for us as a favour.Yes, the demo is 100% released by ourselves."

4. I like that your music is not so fast but striking and original. Even if it's so short I still find there something new...It's beautiful!

"Well, I'm glad to hear that. We don't want to play particular fast or especially slow, we just play what we think sounds good. Atmosphere and melancholy is however a demanded factor in our music and I guess you will never hear a happy Blazing Eternity track!".

5.Do you like nature? I think your cover is very good, it was a good idea to do it in black and white. Why are those leaves around you?

Yes, we like nature very much, because it's so....pure!! Personally I really enjoy long walks in the woods or on hills. Especially when it's twilight and you feel the darkness covering the earth and your imagination goes free. In my area where I live we have a big hill surrounded by some forest and lakes. I really enjoy walking there alone with some dark atmospheric music in my walkman. I don't know how the other guys feel about it, but I think they enjoy it quite much as well. It was our bassist, who did the cover photo, by the way! I don't really know why these leaves/branches are around us, can't remember (photos are from '96)."

6.Do you think that man is perfect or just the poorest animal who doesn't appriciate its life?

"Man is definitely not perfect, but not the poorest animal either. I guess it's very different from person to person. Maybe I don't appreciate life as much as I should,but on the other hand I probably think and philosophize more about life than most of the "normal" people. Too many people are so obsessed with their career, family, cars, etc. that they don't calm down once in a while and travel through other horizons."

7.What does life mean for you?

"Well, a very personal question. I guess that life means everything, elsewise I wouldn't for instance, not sit here and answer this interview. People who say they hate life are just weak people, who should kill themselves. I also really hate the christian philosophy on why you should enjoy life. It's just so false!! I live after my own principles and feelings and of course life is important for me. Without it, I would not be free to do the things I love. Some of the things that is most important in my life is my band and the music I love, and without life, I would not have the possibility to spend time on these thing. And without that, everything would seem so meaningless.....". Though I'm not a specially happy person, I do see the things in life I should appreciate."

8...And death?

"Just as natural as life. However, again the christian way of saying that "It was God's will" is something that I really hate. I do believe that it is the will of nature that some people have to die from accidents, diseases etc., but death can be just as unfair as the meaning of life can be to others. One of my friends were murdered some years ago,and this was just so meaningless to me, as the will to die weren't there at all. But there must be a meaning with it all ? Or is there ?? I do believe in reincarnation to a certain extent.I think the spirit of you lives on in different shapes and different bodies. I also have a feeling that I will be united with the persons I lose, so I'm not a big mourner when it comes to the death of people I know 'cuz I'm sure I will be with them again....".

9.I'm really satisfied with Danish underground scene and people around it. Why do you think they're interested in becoming popular in Eastern Europe?

"Hmm, I don't think it's a wish of getting particular popular in Easten Europe, but I do think that we have learned to respect 'zines etc. from Eastern Europe more than for example 5 years ago. Due to the "iron curtain" etc. people here have always seen your countries as poor, dirty and communist countries (not because this have anything to do with Czech Republic). For example, the ex-leadsinger of Iniquity said in an interview in 1994 or '95   that he "refused to answer any letters from Eastern Europe, because they were just poor idiots begging for free stuff". Luckily, we don't meet this attitude that much anymore!Another reason could be that it's very hard for good danish bands to get attention in "western" countries, because the swedish and norwegian bands are stealing all the attention.But in Eastern Europe there are lots of good 'zines, radios and people who really want to support your band, not thinking about "it has to be swedish to be good". In Deed Hell 'zine is a good example of this!! So, maybe some of the bands from here wants to focus on supportive Eastern Europe instead of arrogant Western European magazines! And yes, I do think that the danish scene have spawned some really good bands lately".

10. What do you think of Czech Republic (generally), be honest!

"Well, I don't know so many bands from there. Forgotten Silence are Czech, aren't they ? Also the great Master's Hammer!! "Ritual" was a really good album! Love History were quite good as well! About the country itself, I have been in Slovakia about 4 times, but only once in Czech Republic (Prague). That was infact last summer (1997) when we (Blazing Eternity) did go there for a week's vacation. We enjoyed it very much, since Prague is a beautiful city. Also, it's very cheap for us to be in countries like Czech R., Poland etc. Compared to Denmark, we felt really rich there! Especially the beer was cheap, and we drank loads of it. Unfortunately, we didn't find any metal-shops or met any metal-people. Are Prague very un-metal or did we only go to the wrong places ?? Our hotel was good, and we enjoyed all kinds of very good Czech beer! Can't remember the names, though!".         

11. Tell me about the album youre going to release (EUPHONIOUS...?) I   can't wait!

"Our plans is to record it in April here in Denmark with Jacob Hansen (Invocator, Illdisposed, Without Grief etc.). It will consist of 8-9 tracks, but we don't have anyfor the album yet. As said, it will be released on Prophecy Productions from Germany, who are most known for the very great band Empyrium. I guess the album will be out around August/September '99. Anyway, our "Der Hviler En Nat Under Sorte Vinterbřge" is still available from my adress for $7/DM10. Thanx to you, Deather, for this interview. Your support is appreciated!!! Only Finding Loneliness/ And Never A New Tomorrow/Where Sorrow Reflects Through Time/And You Die, Die Falling Again/ The Bitterness Of Winter/Leaves Me Dying Here In Grey Oceans/And I Don't Even Know If I Can Find Myself Again.......("Dead Inside", Blazing Eternity).

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