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MORTIFILIA : Infernální deathmetalové album nyní jako velkolepé elpé

OBSCENITY - interview

Your musical works I'm following from your debut. You are a part of an ortodox death metal bands which are getting better in playing and performances. The main- turning album was for sure "The 3.rd Chapter", is it true?

That's true. It was a long and a very stony way for us to go with all the business shit an ripp offs. But you have to know Death-Metal is our life and so we take this way. We know from the beginning that OBSCENITY has the potential to be one of the leading Death Metal bands someday. That's it what's us keep us go a head. At the beginning especially the big fanzines smiled about us. And now it turns into the opposite because this fanzines learned that and we have do do to many interviews. Ha ha ha...

The first on (Age of brutality) was recorded in 1991. 2000 tapes which were sold. I think it was one of the best demo tapes that time. Very good sound and full coloured cover After that OBSCENITY were signed by West Virginia Rec. we released our CD (Suffocated Truth) in 1992.

But West Virginia vanished in the air and so we recorded a second demo tape (Amputaed Souls) in 1993 and with this tape we get a new record dcal at D&S Rec. and so we recorded the second CD (Perversion Manking) in 1994. But we have had no luck with both record companies and I think we sold more demo tapes than CD's that time, because we get no support and just a bad distribution from the labels.

But a never harms the motivation of the band we just get closer together. It was just a kick in our asses to keep on our work. And we know the time for us will come. Any way...In February 1996 the band signed a contract with Morbid Records and the (The 3rd Chapter) CD was released. 18 month later we released (Human Barbecue) Now OBSCENITY growned up to a solid institut in the scene And now we have to do interviews from, all over the world. Very funny...You will see future will be ours. Morbid Record make good promotion and knows that OBSCENITY can be much more popular with a good promotion. That's the whole think.

I think that's for the reason of hight quality sound I expect that "Human..." was record in the same studio?

Yes. Our concept was to top the "The 3rd Chapter" Album. Stronger songs, better sound and so on. The production goes very well. We are very satisfied with the result. It's the best OBSCENITY CD ever. Our fans love it.

The biggest song was the "Disgrace Over You" I mean, where I fiend the women's vocal. To say the true I'm missing this nice & original song like that on your new album.

It was just a single thing. We miss nothing. It was an interesting thing but we don't want to copy our selfes. We've to look forward.

Let's go to the new, O.K. Again a perfect sound, production, etc...and music no comment, but it's hard to decide which album is better what's your opinion? Hard to say don't you think?

Both CD's are very good but I think "Human Barbecue" sounds a bit stronger and more complex. I think the reason for that is that we took a litle out time after the recordings for four weeks to get something distance from the songs. Our experience shows that it's good to go in the studio with "clean and fresh cars" after a short break again to mix and master the CD. And we know the result speaks for at self "Human Barbecue" is one of the best Death-Metal albums you can by for money.

The song No.1. is Obscenity... a very impressionable sound, melody (I must sing it every day like some advertising) for sure. Is it your anthem?

The songs "Obscenity" is a statement and a fuck off to all these business pigs and also a big thank you to all our fans who stick to us through the years. The song tells about the band experiences at all.

Don't you think that in cover version you can hear a lot of SLAYER- style...even if you recorded in a very good way, but...what about some another cover version?

After the "The 3rd..." CD was released we allway use to play Death Metal from POSSESSED at the end of every concert. But we never recorded that song. For the next album we will cover a song from "Petschop Boys". It's a sin. May be it is realy a sin to cover that song Ha ha. But we will see...

You are using often different intro. I like it. What means the one before song No.3.? (Eternal Life)

We took some intros to underlay the confent of the lyrics. It's like a tuning for a song. The intro of "Eternal Life" is a reanimating machine in a hospital. You can hear the pounding of the heard until it's stops. Then the song begins. With these intros we try to transmit a little atmosphere.

How did you find the position in Germany- together with FLESHCRAWL- Death Metal cult band?!

OBSCENITY rules!!!

You wrote me about your missing on Nuclear Storm Fest be cause of your guitar-player. Why? He will be replace? It will be only for hale year?

We get many, many offers for touring but at this time our guitar player has to do a job far away in an other town. So it's not possible for us to play a tour until September 1998 with just one guitar player, because our songs are to complex.. It's very annoyed because "Human..." get only good resonances and I think many people want to se OBSCENITY live...Sorry.We play just 3 shows until September. In Germany on 1.8. on the AAAARRGHH Festival And On 21.8-22.8. 1998 in the Czech Republic. But we hope to play a complete tour in the end of 1998.

What's your opinium about KRABATHOR?

Good band.

How did you find the work of MORBID REC.?

Morbid Records make a good job. But distribution could be much better. It's not casy to find our CD's in cash record shop.

Are you satisfied with meantime life in Germany?

It's okay...

Acording your photo- you don't look like "teenagers"- How old are you, what's your job, hobbies etc...?

We're between 23-27 years old and do normaly jobs beside playing music.

Ouh...Almost! Forgot on your cover...What it means? He is set up from small details...what represent the indicator/ pointer? It doesn't look like ordinary watch- I'm interested in it very much?

Let your phantasy answer that question or road the lyrics frome title song...

Oliver, thanks for the interview.

Thank the interview. I hope to hear from you soon. STAY OBSCENE...

OBSCENITY, Oliver Jauch, Pirschweg 5a, 26133 Oldenburg, GERMANY


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