TAETRE - Answers by Jonas Lindblood.

What is it "Taetre"?

Hello hello. TAETRE is latin and means hideous if that is what you asked. The reason we choose this name is that we thought it was a bit different and that was what we wanted.

I'm just looking at your picture. Daniel Wilson doesn't look quite like Swedish...ha ha.

Are you shure? He he. Well it's like this he's adopted. No matter if he looks Swedish or not, I see him as much as a swede as I see myself. He's a total metalhead but he lack the barbaric instincts which I possess.

Is TAETRE satisfied with EMANZIPATION ?

Yes. Both EMANZIPATION and DIEHARD have been really nice and cooperative to us so far and I hope this will continve.

I like one important thing in your music. I can hear there typical Gothenburg style even though your music in original, brutal-that's what is different from SACRILEGE, DARK TRANQUALITY and so on.

Yes, I think we have some influences that maybe these bands don't have or don't show as much as we do. I'm talking about our SLAYER and old school death metal influences. We want to be melodic but not too much and loose the aggression and heaviness wich is easy if you have too much melodies.

I'm suprised that you chose Dannish EMANZIPATION. There are others good labels like NO FASHION and BLACK SUN.

We sent our old demo "Eternal Eclipse" too both labels you mentioned but they didn't seem to be too interested. Michael from EMANZIPATION on the other hand was very interested...

What does your logo mean?

Our logo doesn't mean anything. It's just a logo. The guy who did it is the same guy who did the cover artwork. Mayby the logo is a bit hard to read but what the hell.

And what about cover. What should it tell to me?

Mayby it's there for you to think of what art we are talking about? The art of suffering. The art of loving what is dead. The art of painful rebirth through desire.

Do you play live? I've heard that it's difficult for a Scandiavian band to go on European tour.

Yes of course we play live. I don't know where you've heard this about Scandinavium bands but we are going at on tour this autumn with some other bands if everything goes right. It's all under the planning stage yet, but we hope nothing gets fucked up.

I like your booklet a lot- did you make it yourself or label did it? Do you think it's important to have a stylish album cover? You can put someone off in the beginning if the photos or an album cover are bad even if the music is very good. You know what I'm talking about, do you?

We said to our company that we want to have the booklet something like this and they did it as we said. Of course I think it's important that everything looks good. We don't want people to just walk away from the album because of a bad quality booklet. If they see a stylish and nice looking cover and so on it might be a little more interesting if it's a small band. If it's a big band I don't think it matters as much because people will probably buy it anyway.

What would you like to answer now?

I would like to know who in TAETRE is the best drinker and who's the worst.

So answer it!

I don't know if I know the answer here because it was such a tricky question, he he. Well I would say that Conny drinks best in the band. Daniel is probably the worst drinker but that's probably because he'ěs so small I don't know. What a shitty question by the way.

Do you want to change the role with an editor sometimes- that you would ask him thing?

Yes, you are a skilled drawer. I'm talking about your pictures. But why do you draw these bizarre motives? Why don't you draw nice pictures with trains, horses and flowers, he he...

Bay! Thank you for an interview! TAETRE is in my TOP- I really like your album!

Thanks for the interview. Hope the answers wasn't too short.

TAETRE, Jonas Lindblad, Ganglaten 46, 421 46 W. Frölunda, SWEDEN

EMANZIPATION PROD., Vermlandsgade 74. 1. tv., 2300 Copenhagen S, DENMARK

DIEHARD MUSIC WORLDWIDE, Vindegade 101, 5000 Odense C, DENMARK


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