TARTAROS - band from Czech republic

1. The time from your last demo has obviously passed. It was 1995 and we are in 1998 now. What happened? Are you not afraid of loss of fans?

That´s true, that we took our time about a new demo- tape. Maybe it´s caused by a lot of personal changes, which occured from that time, when "LEAD ASTRAY" was recorded. A story about these changes would probably boring you, and the most important thing is, that we are in full line- up and together whith these new members /which I belong, too/ we did a lot of work in a short- time period. The present line- up is: Vocals- Radan Kostovský, Drums- Zdeněk Hruška, Guitar- Kamil Hrtoň, Bass- guitar- Robert Wasserbauer, Guitar- Robert Lučan. As for our fans, you needn´t fear, that we let them forget about us.

2. Your new demo "REVOLUTION 2098" has strong name! Why? What revolution is it?

Yes, you are right! I thing so, it has strong feeling. There is only one word, which could possibly explain that meaning. That word is "future". We try to tell you, that we believe in future of a big movement, named "rock music". If everything occures, how we want, you can see it on our booklet.

3. TARTAROS changes its style...

Everyone, who will be listening to our new demo must consider, that there´s nothing in common with the demo, recorded 3 years before. The main reason was "fresh blood" in our band, but the old members, as well, felt a necessity for finding new horizons.

4. What are you intending with your new demo to do? /You play four years and you did nothing revolutionary./

In the first place it´ll be available for people working for zines, distributors, bands and also I hope, some fans buy it. After four year of hard work it´s right time to do the best we can.

5. What is your relationship in the group?

In this point we also made a step forward. Without friendship it´s impossible to get on well. Opinions on music are very similar in our band and for that reason it´s not hard to do a compromise, in addition, we all have a sense of humour and an appetite to play, so I hope we will stay together for a long time.

6. You are hungry and have nothing to eat. What will you do to fill your stomach?

One old proverb says, that hunger is other form of thirst, but I´m not good at drinking. I´ll rather go to the wood to eat some roots and maybe I´ll take some earthworm.

7. It seems to me, that you are influenced with new creations of ENTOMBED.

And it is true, that you play cover song from the last ENTOMBED´s stuff. What does ENTOMBED mean for you? It seems to me strange, everybody admires SLAYER, SEPULTURA, etc..., but you ENTOMBED...That´s not true, we admire ENTOMBED. Even the "REVENGE" song may party remind it. If you listened to it carefully, you would find influence of another bands and styles. Nowadays it´s hard to play in such way to not remind anything else. As for coverversions, we play "KREATOR", "PARADISE LOST" and many more...

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