ABYSSOS - interview

"Söderlund, forget on the classic questions for a moment and let's go to sink in the world of vampiries and mystery...O.K.?!"

I´m allready there!!!

As your cover remains, I'd like to know what does vampirism mean to you, are you interested in it?

Of course I´me interested in vampirism otherwise I would not have written lyrics the way I do nor should the cover to "Together we summon the dark looked the way it does. I´ve been into horror since I was just a kid and has always been facinated of all that surround these topics.

Do you think vampire really existed or they still exist?

No not really, of course there always been people out there throught history that´s been into sucking blood but not the fiction vampires that turns into bats, haunting for an innocent prey and sucking blood of virgins.

Have you ever tried the taste of blood?

Yes, several times.

Would you them prove to live on a removed old castle for away from people, in cold and darkness, in the hand of vampirism and gratification of sexual desires where time wouldn't play any role, also money or rotten society...And you would be abhored by people...

I would love to live in an old castle but not to any price. If I could bring my stuff like my recordcollection, drums, guitars, stereo, TV, VCR etc and would be able to reherse I would do it right the way, if I wound have to live a primitive life then I would have been better off were I live now.

In real life: Are you solitary man or you love party? Why?

I am pretty anti-social and have no intetion to make more friends, if I´m not rehersing then I like to be at home with my beloved girlfriend but ones in a while I end up at the pub with my friends. Why? It´s just the way I have choosed to live, I don´t like most of the peoples out there. The only ones I feel confortable with is those of my kind, maybe this isn´t "normal" but it´s me.

If people would be sceared of you, avoid you and don't talk to you- how would be your reaction?

I really don´t care, they might as well shut up if they´re not my friend.

If you would have a chance to suck a human blood, which place you would choose? Neck, breast, hand or from woman's womb?

I would never suck blood if it wasn´t my girlfriends but I would never hurt her to get it. She has cut her sell sometimes (not on purpose nor would I like her to do such a thing) and then I´ve tasted it. "Red vine from between female legs" is nothing I fear to get in my mouth...

And now, would you suck a blood also from an old stinking drunkard?

No, I´m not stupid...

I've read some stupid reviews and interviews where they compare you with CRADLE OF FILTH and only for the sake of your cover. I think, you don't resemble to CRADLE OF FILTH. What do you think about these dull people who don't know what they write and they look only on the cover?

It´s quit obvious that many editors just looked at the cover before reviewing our album, there is too many reviews saying that we sound like CoF, I can´t believe how one can say such a thing. I understand that many mags gets a load of cd´s to review to each and every issue and might not have time to listen too much to each record but if you put our cd into your stereo you´ll pretty fast find out that we are no sounding much like CoF. But on the other hand there has been some reviews telling that we sound like ABIGOR, MARDUK etc and that´s even fucked up...

If I have to compare you, I think... DISSECTION. Do you know this band and how is your relation?

To compare us with DISSECTION is more fair cause we both in the same vein, we both is influenced (I guess) by heavy metal from the 70´s and the 80´s and we use the same way to build a song so it´s quite natural that we sound kind of the same, old heavy metal a bit faster. We have no relation with DISSECTION except that we like their albums, we got no contact at all. By the way, do you know if they will continue now that Jon is in prison???

What about new album?

All the song to the new album is done but not all of the lyrics. We might enter Academy Studios once again in November. The new album will be a bit more NWOBHM but still very much ABYSSOS, the album should be out on Cacophonous early 1999 I guess...

I like your access to the zines. Are you always so kind and you going to meet? Have you also bad experiences with editors?

I try to be nice to people who´s  doing good for me or ABYSSOS, I´ve no intention to fuck with people who help us in one way or another. No, I´ve not had any bad experience with any editors over the years, except a few that has ripped us off, otherwise they´ve all been nice and just tried to help us out. I can´t call a bad review an bad experience, I can´t  blame an editor just cause he didn´t like our stuff.

Is your label Spiritual Winter Prod. distribute firm?

The label side of SWP has since long been gone, nowadays it´s mainly the distribtion but also some other small stuff... If anyone would like a mailorderlist just drop me a line (and an IRC if you use snailmail) and I´ll send it to you... I prefer using e-mail rather than snailmail!

Imagine, I visit you... How would you react what would you show me? And would you give me something to eat???

I think it would be pretty cool cause you seems to be an cool dude... I don´t know what I would show you, there isn´t much to see/experience here in Sundsvall except for the pubs, but maybe you who has never been here would think of stuff to enjoy. Yeah, I could give you something to eat but as I really don´t like spend time in the kitchen we would go to McDonalds...

What do you think about IN DEED HELL? Do you like it? I'd like to know, how is the load of swedish UG zines?

I enjoyed reading your mag and I really like your art but it would be nice if you would add some more pages cause I read it all very fast.

Well, there is some cool zines worth checking out from Sweden like: Putrefaction, Metal Duck, Serenity, Twillight, Supremacy, Heathendoom,Nekrologium, Dark past, Fantasies of Tragedy, Septic, Conspiracy etc and there is always a load of new zines which most of them will only do 1 or 2 issues before they are gone...

"Andreas Söderlund... Thank you for an interview, it will be in the end of this year (#9), then I will send one for you, OK? Good Luck!"

That´s it, have a nice day and feel free to mail me more of your drawings!

Regards, Andreas Söderlund

Deather , Katka K.

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