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TELEPATIE IV - nové číslo hudebního magazínu z podsvětí

The fundator, vocalist and guitarist Dagoth told us many information not only about a perceptible musical change of the French band OTARGOS.

Hello OTARGOS! Do you remember what were your beginnings? The first demo, searching for the members, the effort to get recognition.  Did you have any pre-vision of where you'd like to follow through with OTARGOS and what direction you had to take or the initial impulse was just to play? What are the bands that influenced you the most? Do you have any idol who inspired you in creating?

Hello to you!
Yes, I remember the early days of OTARGOS. It was my solo project at the beginning, at this time I just wanted to offer some raw black metal. I asked to my best friend to join me as bassist. Together we searched for the rest of the band and led OTARGOS to what it became.
At the beginning I was very influenced by common BM bands such as MARDUK, MAYHEM or DARK FUNERAL... that's why the early OTARGOS releases miss a bit of personality, I agree.
We quickly started to perform a lot of shows across Europe, live performance is the best way to get recognition.
Slash, Dave Murray, Trey Azagthoth and Jeff Hanneman are my idols, for sure they inspired me!

In the years 2011-2013 there was a great personnel “earthquake” in OTARGOS. At first, your guitarist Astaroth left the band, after the release of the latest album "Apex Terror", XXX and Thyra followed him. What was the cause of these changes?

Many different causes in fact. Astaroth occured some family problems, XXX received a big professional opportunity (within the Hellfest staff) and haven't time anymore for music, Thyr just wanted to have more time for himself.
As fundator and main composer I am the pillar, the principal member of OTARGOS... so until I'm living, OTARGOS still living.
Each time we had a member change was a positive thing.

With the new album also came many changes. Musically you have moved away from black metal and you are closer more to death metal. For many fans who revered album "Fuck God-Disease Process" or "No God, No Satan" it was a shock. It appears that this way is going to stay in the future. Is it so? What was the impetus for such rapid change?

I had to evolve, I felt less and less inspired my BM stuff and BM scene, that's all. I also wanted to start a new lyrical chapter, something more cosmic and futuristic. I felt too chained within BM soundscape. Death, heavy, thrash metal have always been my first love and inspirations, now I can express completely myself.
I'm working on the next album and I can tell you it will be more death metal, but don't worry, many oldschool BM riffs remain; I'm not aiming to change OTARGOS to a pure death metal band.
OTARGOS needed this radical change to show its new face, this is a new era for me, and it's just the beginning.

With another genre direction it seems to me that the sound is somewhat different. Where did the album get recorded and who produced the album? Are you enjoying the process of recording or you have always been looking forward to finish the process and come out on tour?

We just wanted "Apex Terror" to sound modern and not BM, it was important. Even if I think the next album shall be different I'm satisfied of the result.
We worked with the Conkrete Studio and Frédéric „Mobo“ Motte, the same guy who recorded our first album „Ten-Eyed Nemesis“.
I really enjoy the process of recording, I love supervising all instruments, all details from the start to the end. I am the all seeing eye, I am a dictator! Hahaha.

You stopped using corpsepaints after many years. Was that because of the change of the genre, or the new members did not want to wear it? (smile) What did corpsepaint actually mean to you? Did you take it just as a part of black metal or had it some special meaning for you?

It wasn't CAUSE of the change of the genre, it comes simply and naturally. I don't consider OTARGOS as a BM band anymore.
I was fed up with this oldschool visual, I needed something more industrial, modern, futurisic and honest. Once again, it was important to mark the change.
But, maybe we will use again some special painting in the future, we are thinking about something new for the next album, something in vue to darkenise much more our visual… something cold and obscure, but no way to see me again with black&white on my face!

The previous two albums of yours were released by the label Season of Mist, while "Apex Terror" was released under the auspices of Listenable Records. Why you were enticing action under LR? And how satisfied are you with the new collaboration?

Our contract with SOM was over that's all. We chose Listenable Records 'cause of their profesionalism and good work with some bands we know. We are satisfied of this alliance!

Did you release some of your albums on vinyl? If not, it is tempting for you to release some plate even in this format which again reached higher popularity? How about you, do you like listening to music on vinyl or are you not interested in it?

Unfortunately none of OTARGOS album was released on vinyl... and we are really disappointed of it. Each time our label refused… certainly too expensive... Fuck off!

Your lyrics are uncommon, revolves around science, quantum physics. You said in the interview for Fobiazine in 2008 that you are scientist by profession. What did bring you to the mysteries of science? Are you inspired to write the lyrics by your own research? Do you compose them up after the music is finished or do you have it ready for future use? Have you changed your views regarding the world somehow over the years or do you still stand behind each of your text?

I'm passionated by the cosmos since I was young. Remember that we are all made of stardust, each element which composes atoms of our body is stardust, each one was created at the birth of our universe billions of years ago… and all of this will return to the cosmos at the end. We are Nothing, we know Nothing.
Music inspires my lyrics and lyrical ideas inspire my guitar riffs. When I'm composing, images come, backgrounds, landscapes... so I know in advance what the song will be about. The soundscape offers me visions and feelings, such as a movie. I let the music talk to me and inspire me for the main topic, after that I put words on the paper.
The early lyrix I wrote weren't really personal. But I still stand behind each word on „Ten-eyed Nemesis“.

I personally like only a few videos. It seems to me that only minimum bands can come up with something really eye-catching. Among these include eg. BEHEMOTH or just you. Mainly clip for the song "Cloning the Divine" from the penultimate album fascinated me. It's not just a show with metal clichés and harsh views. It contains some story and the overall composition makes such an original clip. Who came up with the composition of the clip and what inspired you? Is someone else participated in the topic or is it just only your job? I must say that the video for "Fleshless-Deathless" is not so interesting for me but still it is above average.

We worked with a real realisator and his team to make „Cloning the Divine“ video, that's why it looks like a small movie. We both, the band and Federico A., brought ideas, it was the same for „Worship Industrialized“ video.
Concerning „Fleshless-Deathless“, we absolutely wanted to avoid to make the same kind of mini-movie. We wanted something more simple, focused on the band and not on a story. The main goal of this video is to show the „new“ OTARGOS.

All members of OTARGOS also operate in some other project (at least according to metal-archives). Can you introduce these projects in short?

M. Pliszke (bass) and John A. (drums) play together in a technical death metal band called DEMENTED, they're from Bordeaux, the birth city of OTARGOS. I know DEMENTED since many years, that's why, when I was searching for new members, I immediately thought about them. Those guys are just perfect!
John also plays drums in LIFESTREAM, a new black metal band.
Concerning me, at this time I'm the vocalist of REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER, a french sludge style band.

What about the metal scene in Bordeaux from where you come from? I personally know, except your band, only GOROD, SETH or YEAR OF NO LIGHT from these parts. Could you recommend some bands from the local scene? The French scene is generally highlighted as one that indicates the direction of black metal in the last few years. Do you have the same feeling?

You're right, France seems to be the cradle of many good underground BM bands... but let's be honest. I'm not really kind of these... I don't listen to BM stuff since many times.

In October 2013 you were supposed to play a gig in Prague together with STIGMHATE and Czech support, but ultimately the concert did not take place. Why did this happen? For the "Apex Terror" you went for only French and English tour. Do you feel the maximum support in these countries? Are you going to other places in Europe in the future?

We encountered some problems that forced us to cancel the tour. So we only did French and UK tour.
We are so unlucky that we were supposed to realise this european tour soon, but the booking agency failed and once again it's cancelled... well... no comment! Maybe next time... I hope!
I was personally really disappointed to cancel the show in Prague, it was for me best date of this tour. I remember several shows in CZ. It has always been fucking great great time! I always say that you guys are the best audience ever! Thanx for that!

Do you remember any particular concert that is somehow stuck in your head more than the others? Do you prefer to play at clubs for the fans who come strictly for your show or are you more attracted towards festivals and performances in front of thousands of people? Of course, both have great importances, nevertheless, which one would you prefer?

Shows in Brazil were one of my best souvenirs.
As you may know it's very difficult to compare and choose between festivals and clubs, both have good arguments. But, for sure, the ambience is better indoor. In clubs we can use all our laser light show and so offer better performances. Also, as I love the crazy fans I prefer to have them and feel them close to the band.

After your tour with Watain and Destroyer 666 in 2010 there was information on the internet that the members of the first-mentioned band attacked one of your members during the tour. You then allegedly could not play any of the concerts. It is said that the reason for the attack was due to the title of your album "No God, No Satan". It's a question on the body a little, but is it true or is it a totally fabricated rumor? I have seen similar discussions on several forums.

Hahaha I saw also a lot of weird stories on the web and I'm a bit fed up with this, the reality is really less grandiose and valorous.
The two bands were just complete opposites of ideology... it was a bit unavoidable.

Half of 2014 is over. Do you like some records which were published this year?  Are you more supporters of old school bands or you are interested more in the progress of the scene, new albums etc.?

I don't listen to new stuff. I m a kind of hermit, listening to old things. I'm still glued to my slayer's, maiden's, GnR's, scorpions'. In fact most of the time I discover „new“ bands on stage.

Thank you for your time and answers. I wish you much success in all aspects and I hope that soon I will be able to see your show. The last words are yours....

Thanx to you and FOBIA Zine! I also hope to be soon on tour across eastern Europe, for the moment we only have shows in the North booked. Thanx to our czech fans, and remember that "Apex Terror" is just the beginning of a new era.


Translation: Duzl / Opat

REVIEW of "Apex Terror" (In Czech language)

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