If you are hetero and un-tolerant person: DO NOT READ THIS!!! MORSGATT is the band from Germany, founded in 2000 and Nice to Eat You Records have released their CD ?Butt Mud?.

Morsgatt members are: Slowshitter (drums), Long Dong Rubber (guitar, anal screams), Tankball (bass, flatulence) and Clitcommander (orals) - who is interviewed?

Hi, anals:-) What´s happened in Morsgatt recently? Do you have some horrible and sick news for me?

Open your asshole the Clitcommander is here!! Hey Ho Kybl is this your serious name? Damn you CZ guys got really crazy names!! Haha (Kybl is not my serious name! ? kybl) In Morsgatt happened not much these days cause we are currently all in jail in fact of some bad anal sessions with some real fat mamas, which went crazy after that?Who cares we got good food here and a DVD Player, so we can still watch Anal Teror Part 2 and of course Deep Throat ( which is a real classic in porn history! ) The horrible news? Hhmmm our Drummer Slowshitter ( The Name is Program! ) broke both arms, so he is still playing with his feed! FUCK MAN you have to hear that! GREAT! I have a big Abscess inside my chocolate hole, but that?s not horrible simply a News?..

First of all, can you tell me something about Morsgatt history (How was Morsgatt found? Some friends were in a pub and they said: ?Lets play some fucking anal sick music!!!?:-)

YEAH something like that I cant really remember! We are from the north?s point of germany, called ?OSTFRIESLAND? and here you can do not much apart from drinking, eating fish and raping penguins! Our buddy?s from Meatknife where neighbors of Long Dong Rubbers (Six vein strings) garden house and through an alcoholic holocaust session they got the idea to start a project which ended in MORSGATT! Meatknife guys left in fact of mental problems and alcohol deprivation (HAHA) and I was working as gardener in Long Dong´s gardenhouse, so I came in contact with Morsgatt. One day Long Dong was not happy that I cut all his roses in the garden and he was very angry and jailed me some bullshit into the face. I was pissed up also and growled back! He said Fuck you sound like a Pig with ass cancer, you want to join our Band MORSGATT? You can have free groupies, beer, a place to stay and a glorious life as a Rock star. Fuck KÜBYYüüL or however you call, what a questions! I quit my gardener job and now I am a fucking Star and have every day 20 groupies (also human!!! Apart from animals :-) most of same are under age of 12 uuuahhhhhhhhh!! Is Pedophilia forbidden in CZ Republic? I said nothing?.HAHA

Why do you have that horrible-horror and sick image? :-) And what´s the meaning of ?Morsgatt??

IMAGEEEE?????????? OK KÜÜÜBBBÜÜÜLL I think you want something in your face! We are ugly as fuck naturally sorry! You have a problem with that? If yes come over and we will split your ass into two pieces? You think it´s sick? We are fans of old school DEATH and Grind like Impetigo, Carcass, Repulsion, Autopsy and so on? But it´s not a image! IT`S OUR FUCKING LIFE!!!! Morsgatt means NOCTURNAL TEARS OF GOTHIC MYSTICUM?.ahhhh na ! HAHA it´s north german slang and the  translation into English is simply ASSHOLE!!!! WE ARE ASSHOLE FROM GERMANY sounds silly, but we are MORSGATT from germany sounds even better or not?

CD ?Butt Mud? - I want to say just: Woooowwww! So sick, so brutal, so great! It´s unbelievable how much I enjoy your stuff. End of bootlicking, I promise :-) Tell me everything about it´s recording and creating. I´m interested in your flashback about this record ? your satisfaction with it and other blablabla :-)

Thanx as fuck for your bootlicking! But honestly said were are not much satisfied with BUTT MUD ! It´s not fast enough, not dirty enough and next CD will have more Intros!! It´s been recorded at Soundlogde recordings here in our area. The same studio where already Bands like Obscenity, Fearer, Death Reality, Despondency recorded?to mention a few! The owner Jörg ?PORN? Uken was the drummer from old german Punk Thrashers Rumble Militia ( You remember them? )  We wrote the songs in one week and the recording session was one day for recording the instruments and a half day for recording the vomits , Intros and mixing! FAST AS FUCK! Recording is expensive so we booked the studio for only 1,5 days! I think the result is ok for 1,5 days! But that?s the way MORSGATT practice! Spontaneous songwriting and recording! Also the same with Gigs! We enter the stage and after 20/30 Min we leave! CAUSE WHEN YOU PLAY A SHORT SHOW, YOU CAN CONTINUE DRINKING!! HAHA Hhhmm flashback about the recording you have to ask the others, cause one day before we where drinking in a GAY DISCO and a had a real hangover while doing the vomits?A few songs I singed in with my ass!! Flatulence from Hell! NO JOKE! Watch the Booklett!

How long have you been worked on the stuff for Butt Mud? Crazy intros, crazy sick artwork, no-stereotyping music, deep growls -  it looks, that you do your music very seriously but with lot of fun too:-)

As I answered previous one week and 1,5 days for recording! Man we life and LOVE ( uahh how gay sounds that!) DEATH METAL AND GRINDCORE! DEATH METAL IS OUR LIFESTYLE!!! And of course grandma sodomy porns?.

Who has created the lyrics and music? (What is lyric about? I guess it´s about anal, sex, raping, anal sex, anal-raping :-)

Lyrics! HAHA we have only fragments of Lyrics, cause we are not gay lyrical, we waste our time to listen to Metal and watch  GAYPORNS with Animals! :))

Butt Mud is, as I said, very great ? and the bonus stuff from your split with SCURVY is very good too. Is here a chance, that Nice to Eat you Records will release your debut CD? Do you have some info about selling of Butt Mud? I know, were sold 1000 copies of it and NTEY will do another 500copies! What about in Germany and in other countries?

Vladimir sells 1000 copies in CZ!!!!!!!!???? WHAT A ASSHOLE!! He told us he sold only one copy to his brother and one to his mother!! HAHA Really 1000 copies?? You are kidding! WE ARE ROCKSTARS IN CZ right now! Damn we have to book some guys which are writing autographs for us when we play in your country!  Vlad is a friend of ours and he is cool as fuck! We are happy that he did BUTT MUD and for USA did GOREGIASTIC a Killer job! I have no idea how many copies already sold. We sold maybe 100 from the bandhomepage, not that much but we are happy as shit!

Nice to Eat You Records ? how did you get under this label (you=it means your CD Butt Mud)? Do you know ?Fleshless?? It´s band where sing the owner of NTEY :-)

Sure we know Vladimir the impaler of Colombian assholes! He is a friend of ours . Last year on Obscene Extreme he received our Promo from me and after ten minutes he came back to me and says he want to release it! I said are you stupid and a total idiot when you release that shit?..but he did! AND WE ARE HAPPY AND PROUD TO BE VLADIMIRS SEX SLAVES!!

Can you tell me what are your favorite bands, movies (includes porn :-))?

Yvonne Catterfeld, Die Söhne Mannheims, Annett Louisan... ?Beim Ficken erwischt? Vol. 1-10, ?Titanic?Ahhhh millions!!! AUTOPSY, Napalm Death, Hate Plow, Devourment , Mortal Decay, Machetazo, Blasphemy, Sodom, Possessed, Malevolent Creation, Unseen Terror, old Grave , Nihilist, old Merciless ect ect... Movies: ITCHY THE KILLER; SPUN; STARWARS, BANG BOOM BANG, DER LETZTE LUDE, DEATHWICH, CREMASTER CYCLE, DEAD OR ALIVE....list is endless.....Porns: ATTILLA!!! WE DEDICATED ONE SONG TO HIM!! THE HELLFUCKER FROM HELL!!! Schlampen schlucken, CZ Strassenstrich! The Homevideo where is Vladimir fucking his drummer from Fleshless! Iiiihhhhihiihi

Where do you get new inspirations and new ideas for your music? Something like your obsession (anal, anal, anal?)

At work. From our girly and sexual affairs with animals and old mans?.

On your promo-materials stays: ?CD will include a professional videoclip and multi media navigation? ? where is it? :-) What can you tell me about it?

CENSORED from the police! SORRY!! Next CD new video:)) Try?.

What plans for this year do you have? Is here a real chance to see you in the Czech Republic?

WE PLAY ON OBSCENE!!! 2005! We had to pay Curby 200000000000 US DOLLAR and had to penetrate his ass but for our 1000 CZ Fans we come!! And CUM!!!! :))

That´s all, folks! Thank you for your great sick work (:-)) and I wish more and more energy to do what you do! Now, you can tell something to the readers of this interview and bye!

DON´t FUCK a croco when you are not sure it´s sleeping!!! THANX THANX FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!¨



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