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MORTIFILIA : Infernální deathmetalové album nyní jako velkolepé elpé

I couldn´t believe, that Paul answered in one day!!! He is fucking professional! And I would like to thank him - you are fucking great! Yeah :-)

Hello, how are you and what are you going to do in upcoming few months?

I'm doing great, things are exploding for Master once again. I co-headlined FTC with Obituary and played to a killer crowd. Obviously we just released The Spirit of the West and things are progressing. Master has been playing festivals around Europe on a weekly basis. More info can be found at . I will also be working as co-tour manager on the Bruchstein up and coming tour in September with Benediction, followed by Dismember and Dissection as well in November. So I am quite busy these days.

Would you visit some summer fests or gigs (as fan / with the band, to play there)? Which are the most important and interesting?

I really enjoy most of the killer festivals, but really go to the ones I am featured on. I am quite busy writing my autobiography( Speckmann Surviving The Underground) due out in 2005. So this takes a great deal of time.

I would like to know something about your new album ? The Spirit of the West ?. Where was it recorded?

The cd was recorded at the studio Shaark in Bzenec Czech Rep where I have recorded the last several Master and Krabathor cds.

Were some special moments in the progress of the recording, there?

Every recording has its share of moments, but mostly we record and drink lots of whiskey during the process.

How long did the recording take?

Four days to record and five days to mix.

What about the material ? have you had everything done, and after you were recording or have you worked in the studio too?

We usually go in the studio with everything completed beforehand. The Ring of Fire from Johnnie Cash was worked out in the studio though. I never really get enough money to record like the Metal heavyweights, so things are usually very rushed. Maybe someday I will get a real budget and spend a month in the studio, but I think this is really a long off dream.

Why did you decide to the theme of wild west. Cowboys and whiskey are your hobbies? :-)

System Shock President Andy Kulosa and I had been discussing this theme for the last several years and I figured this would be a good time to pay tribute to Johhnie Cash due to his ultimate demise. Of course I drink whiskey before during and after every concert. I also enjoy the old Spaghetti Westerns with Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef, such as The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

What songs from ?The Spirit of the West? are your favorites? Or, just like almost bands, you´ll say: ?I like everything, and you just suck!? :-)

Whatever , Wherever, Forever, Another Day in Phoenix, and Rights of life are probably my favorites, but there are other good songs as well. Every cd has its killer and just ok songs. The best song is The Serpent´s tongue if you want my personal opinion.

When I heard this album first, I couldn´t believe, that´s true - you are singing ?Ring of Fire?! But as the time was flowing, my opinion about this song has changed. And now, I love it! :-) I want to know, is this song just a joke or is it ?serious?? :-)

As I said before just an idea came to light and I went with it. I take every song serious on every album as well as this song. I think Cash was a living Country legend and he will be missed by many, even in the Punk and Metal genre.

And now, another topic: What about KRABATHOR? What is going on there?

I really wouldn"t know. Skull has officially left the band some time ago. We had to cancel several shows last year and I was really quite distraught over this. I really enjoyed the last five years with Krabathor. I am still friends with the previous members and wish them the best of luck. Christopher has just spent six months in America and the future is up to him. First and foremost I will concentrate on Master now. I enjoy being the frontman and that´s about it.

Try to remember, what your gig was absolutely different than others? Was there some special place, or atmosphere, or more fans??

South America. In Honduras I was live on stage playing to about 1000 crazed fans. Just before the concert someone had started a fire in a small room adjacent to the front of the building. We actually use some of the water we just bought at a local shop for the stage to extinguish the fire. During the song Mangled Dehumanization the crowd began beating each other with wooden boards. Blood began spraying over the front of the crowd. I looked over my shoulder and a police man ran his finger across his throat and I said(Un Momento Por Favor Senor,) and he smiled. I was allowed to finish the song and the guards armed with machine guns escorted us to taxi cabs and we left.

Are you interested in football (I think especially EURO 2004)? Who will be the champion? :-)

I really don't care. but probably the Czech Republic will win.

Do you have some favorite bands, which are interesting and not well-known?

Too many bands to list. There are great unknown bands in every city in the world that just cannot great a break. I really think the Probot project was pretty cool. I actually just received it in the mail today. I am an avid Motorhead and Venom fan.

I think, your website is not as good as it could be. You are VIP metalhead (metalleader? :-)), what will you do with it?

Well I think that the Gwen has done a fine job with it. If someone can do better, be my guest. I have to say that no-one else has shown interest in doing a website other then Gwen and I think she´s doing a fine job.

And what about internet and you? Are you ?friends?? Do you have a good relationship with PC and technique?

Of course I am online every day I have lots of work today. I think the internet is the gateway to the universe.

Well, that´s all. I hope you´ll understand everything and if you want to say something to the fans, you can.

Be sure and check out the new cd The Spirit of the West and don!t be fooled by the cover. It!s a powerful cd and a must for true Metalheads. Thanks for the interview, without magazines like this the underground would die. Support the Underground!!!

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