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American band UPHILL BATTLE advance the ever-changing face of hardcore with an atomic vigor on their new full-length - "Wreck of Nerves" and this was a big reason, to made an interview, so my questions has answered Danny Walker - Drums.

1. Hi, the same question starts every interview. How are you?

DW - I'm great!

2. It is a pity, but I don't know personally your older albums, but probably it was the same combination of brutal styles. How do you judge the music progress of Uphill Battle and are there big differences between each albums?

DW - Honestly I don't see much of difference. We're not doing anything that is differen't from the past. That is in the writing process.Since shortly after the first record we got a new bassist (Casey Shropshire) and guitarist (Wes Caley) both who have contributed to writing music and lyrics on "Wreck of nerves" Before it was always Adi and I doing the writing. If there is any difference at all between albums it's the triple varied vocal attack.

3. Members of your band were changing during history like socks, only drums and guitar are stable. Was it usually agreement or as soon as you feel that someone is a brake, he must leave the band?

DW - Right now we are on our 3rd guitarist and 4th bassist. We have had a pretty solid line up since the beginning of 2003. The problem with our past members was that they didn't put enough time and energy into the band or they had other obligations to attend to. We actually never kicked anyone out. They left either due to the fact that they didn''t have time or just lost interest.

4. In my opinion the booklet matches with the title of album and your music. Was it aim or is it just my imagination?

DW - It's definitely not your imagination! Adi and I were really set on calling the album "Wreck of nerves" pretty much after the song was written. I came up with the artwork concept and had a good friend of mine (Mo Rahimi) paint it up. It came out really well I thought and he exceeded all my expectations. I definitely think the title is relevent to the music in it's diversity of emotion. It is very chaotic and extreme while also beingcontrolled and mellow at times. It's like shifting moods.

5. Your music is full of changes and it is total mixture of styles. On the other side, the whole album maintains one shape. Do you feel the same or do you think that each song is totally different?

DW - We listen to such varied styles of music and a wild mix just naturally comes out in our compositions. Like we have said before, we basically just try to combine styles and make them seem like they were mean't to be combined.

6. Have you got any music idols? Tell us their names and why are they your idols?

DW - I can't speak for the whole band, but I can tell you that some of my major inspirators/influences are groups like Dead can dance, Neurosis, Godflesh Meshuggah etc.. musicians like Tomas Haake, Fredrik Thordendal, Terry Bozzio, Sean Reinert, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl etc... All these groups and musicians have one thing in common and that is diversity in thought and not being afraid to dabble in experimentation. To me those are crucial idols. 

7. Could you tell us some new progressive bands of brutal/hard music over the ocean?

DW - Well, there are some cool new bands from the L.A. area such as Anubis rising, Watch me burn, Radiation 4, Ox vs Thunderbird, Pro-death etc...

8. Is it preparing the tour visit of Europe or will be just "usual" american tour?

DW - Europe is definitely a differen't place and I can honestly say I like it better than in the states. I've been all over Europe several times before and would love to come out there wiith Uphill battle.

9. Thats all folks, thanks for interview, something unexpected to the end?

DW - When we show our face on the other side of the ocean come check out the GRIND!

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