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An Interview with founder guitarist Kevin Bottiau.

Hello Kevin, what s up man? Let's go back a bit to the very inception. Could you enlighten the beginning of TRAUMATISM? How have you guys met and how much time it took to write the demo 1994 before you actually went to record it?

I'm fine thanks to Pavel, even If I get older, life is beautiful as long as I have beer to answer this intie. We started the band at the end of 1991. Me and Dany went together to adult school a few months before and it's where we met together. Both of us were and still are metal maniacs. He told me that he and Stephane had a practice place and played together some covers of Slayer, Obituary, Napalm Death, Kreator etc. I was really interested to look and listen to that. During the summer Obituary played in Montreal with Malevolent creation and I met Stephane for the first time. We began to speak about starting a project and taking all drugs and alcohol as we can. In September I met him again at a Napalm, Carcass, Cathedral gig, I was there with Jeff, our first singer and Pat, our first bass player who will become the official singer for the demo. So we start to practice all together, playing a lot of cover songs and begin slowly to compose some stuff. Jeff only sang a few months with us and started another project later ( Eternal, Amenophis, Asgard etc.) I'm still friends with him, good guy. Pat took the vocals duty and we placed an advertisement in the newspaper and Nick arrived in the band as bass player. Few months later we recorded the demo. I'm still in touch with Dan, Steph and Jeff. No news about Pat and Nick since quite fews years.

Is there any possibility that the demo 1994 gets re-released? Would be really rad to put it out on 10" EP.

I don't think so.

How come, you mean you don t like the demo that much anymore? How many copies were actually made/spread? One of the songs appeared on V/A CD 1994 Underground Symphonies Volume 1 (a compilation with bands such as SUMMERTIME DAISIES, HOLOCAUST NECROPSY, THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, CARCINOGEN,...) and then the demo just got thrown into oblivion.

The songs were not bad, killer riffs but the sound is quite shit hahaha, It was our first recording session and the sound engineer was really bad. We recorded live in the studio really fast in 3 or 4 hour. I don't think any labels will be interested in re-releasing it. Probably just 100 copies were made.

TRAUMATISM next recording is a mini opus hight "Truculent" recorded in March 1997 that came out on CD via Gorgans Productions. That savagery I'm hankering to have on 12", maybe a release on Gorgans?

Gorgans record was our own label and productions and are not active since the last 20 years haha. But I'm sure we'll be open to reissue this on another interested label.

In 1999 Gorgans releases "Traumatical Pieces" on 7" EP. There s no info about the Live recording like where/when it was recorded, divulge if possible.  Who appeared on the bill that night?

Nick just recorded the demo and played a few shows after, Dan took the bass and we became a quatuor just before the recording of Truculent but Nick stayed a good friend of ours. He started a record label named Spasmoparaliptic rec. or something like that and he offered to produce it. We use Gorgans just for the spotlight haha. The show was with Brutal Truth during Christmas time in 1998, Quebec city. We played a lot at the time with band like BRUTAL TRUTH, DEEDS OF FLESH, CRYPTOPSY, SUFFOCATION and many more.

Diffuse the first TRAUMATISM gig.

Lots of hard drugs and beers. We played with a local cover band in a village near Quebec city. What I remember from this night is to start making party after the show not before haha.

What would you say about the 3 way split CD 2000 w/NYCTOPHOBIC/MESRINE on Exacerbate Nasty Deterioated Rec. You got Live songs taken at Sonum and Alma. Is Alma active still today? I know that e.g. THINKSHIT played there in 1994.

Alma is a town in the northern province of Quebec and Sonum is a recording studio In Quebec city END records asked us for some material for the split so we gave him some tracks recorded live in the studio and some traks live at the Alma show. If I remember well we played with NECROMORTIS and ATHERETIC.

You played bass in MESRINE on "Going To The Morgue" CD 2001 and at the same year blasts out split 7" EP w/DAHMER. Discerning curriculum vitae. Was it the first/last time you ever recorded anything on bass?

Officially yes.  Unofficially I played some parts with Riotor and the last self titled record of Traumatism.

Have you played Live with MESRINE at that time?

Yes Lot of shows in the province.

As 2007 comes, RIOTOR emerges with you and St phane (TRAUMATISM é drummer). RIOTOR got 4 albums out so far. Way different from TRAUMATISM, any contingency that TRAUMATISM rises up from the gone stuck phase to start blasting again?

Yeah Riotor are more oriented Canadian Thrash Metal and Traumatism was more total blast grinding Metal. I'm not anymore since last spring in Riotor and will start something more old school Death Metal in the next few months. I tried to contact Pat  fews years ago to record some tracks and maybe play live but in vain.

That s good to hear you wanna ´  start off some old school Death Metal band, man. Since Pat seems not to care, are you going to find other members then? Shouldn t ´ be a problem in Quebec. Does that also mean that TRAUMATISM reunion is completely out of the question?

Yeah I Started to compose new stuff, my goal is to play some catchy and effective DM riffs, the kind of riffs that you want to bang your head at the first listening and that I can play almost totally drunk easily. Finding bandmates is more difficult than finding musicians in the area, I want to play music for fun first , no ambitions, just play loud and without pressure.

Are there any TRAUMATISM recordings hidden in a drawer that might get released one day? How about the full show from that same Live used on "Traumatical Pieces"? I guess you got lots of TRAUMATISM Live recordings and also some rehearsals.

It was another epoch you know, in these times we recorded in rehearsal place on tape with a ghetto blaster and it always sound like your grandmother's fart.  I don't have any live recordings from that time, maybe Pat or Steph have some IDK. I have a dozen of never released songs recorded for the preprod of the last album with Joe on vocals, maybe someday we'll do something with that.

What are the TRAUMATISM songs on the 4 way split MC 2000 w/INHUMATE/MUCUPURULENT/DEPRAVED? Are those Live songs? I ve never ´ had that tape.

Yeah I remember we traded some stuff and made contact with DEPRAVED and INHUMATE from France but I don't have this tape. Probably some songs from the preprod of Grossly Unfair.

Any chance you upload TRAUMATISM discography to let s say Bandcamp? I m ´ ´ sure I ain t the only one who had never heard the demo 1994 and would love ´ to. Since it was never re-released…

Not a bad idea, I'll do it.

TRAUMATISM last recording was made in 2005, disclose the whole recording process. What format did it come out on?

Jack from Mesrine was the producer and he did a really good job. New singer and new bass player. The songs are really well structured. We released only 5 of 6 songs on selfmade cdr to send to labels but we recorded like 18 songs.

What led you guys to a decision to disband?

In 2004-2005 the grind and metal scene was really bad, we also tried a few bassmans and guitar players in a short amount of time and I was tired of showing the riffs to the new members every 6 month, we never found true passionates bandmates.

Ok Kevin, cheers for taking time to do this, man and best of luck with the new band you want to form, can´t wait to hear it.

Thanks Pavel have fun!

Interviewer: Pavel Duris (
Interviewee: Kevin Bottiau (

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