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HEIDEN – Andzjel

Brutal death metal...

Introduce your band... Who's idea was it and why PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT?

Prostitute Disfigurement was formed in 2000 by Niels (vocals), Patrick (bass) and Niels (ex-guitar). The band was first named Disfigure but was changed into Prostitute Disfigurement because there is also a band called Disfigured. And we didn?t want to be mixed up with them. We named ourselves Prostitute Disfigurement because lots of our lyrics are about the story of Jack the Ripper (who used to murder prostitutes). Just before the first demo I (Roel ? guitar) joined the band. Our first album was recorded with a drumcomputer. After the album was released Eric (ex Sinister, Destroyer 666) joined our band as the drummer. He stayed for half a year. Then we got a new drummer (Tim). He recorded our second album ?Deeds of Derangement? with us and is now a full member of Prostitute Disfigurement.

Finally was produced your album "Deeds Of Derangement", what are your feelings like? Is everything ok? What do you expect from the album?

We are very happy with how the album turned out, production and song-wise. It was recorded in 6 days so that?s very quick. I think the sound is very heavy and clear so that is great! We hope the album will do well. I?ve seen many good reviews so that?s good. We hope to do a tour to promote the album.

I have to confess that I didn't expect so quality album, I was surprised and dropped to my knees. How long had you been preparing "Deeds."?

I think we wrote all the songs during one year after our first album. When our drummer Tim joined we suddenly had lots of inspiration and we worked very hard in making brutal songs that also have some variety. In contrary to the first album we paid more attention to writing interesting songs and I think we?ve accomplished that.

Is there harmonizer used in vocals or is the mutter natural?

There are NO EFFECTS used for the vocals. This is Niels? natural voice. And if you don?t believe that come to our liveshows!!

I haven't heard your first work "Embalmed Madness" before. Can you introduce it and if it is still to get anywhere?

Like I said it was recorded with a drumcomputer, this because we couldn?t find a suitable drummer. It?s a little bit technical, less solo?s, but still in the same style as Deeds of Derangement. It was released through Dismemberment records (Dutch label) and was sold out very quick. This means you have to search hard at metalmarkets etc to find it.

INHUME, SEVERED TORTURE, you and your collegues PYAMEIA, I know you play different styles, but how do you like each other, are you competition or do you support each other? Which of them do you like the best, or name some bands which are worth talking about.

I think they all are great bands. What I think is good that each band has their own sound so they don?t sound alike. I think that?s a good quality. I really like Disavowed because they are good friends and they also have some heavy groove which I really like. It?s not only fast. In Holland we play often with each other, arrange gigs for each other so in that way we support each other. Also Joel from Pyaemia did the layout for our CD so he supported us with that. We owe him allot doing this for free!!

Was it a difficult way to MORBID REC.? Or under which conditions and how did you get under their wings?

We met the guys from Morbidrecords at the Fuck the Commerce festival in Germany. We gave them a demo with 4 songs that are on Deeds of Derangement. They liked it allot and they wanted to sign us. We thought this wasn?t serious but they were!! We first recorded the album and then signed a contract for 2 CD?s with them. They are very active in promoting the band and in organizing tours so that is great!

Does anyone of you play in any other bands?

A few of us play in other bands but no well-known bands. Niels has a Blackmetal project (Worldwide Genocide) and I play together with our drummer Tim in another band.

P. DISF. has been planning what recently? A tour. Or have you been workingon a new material, and if so, what will it sound like?

We are supposed to go on a European tour beginning 2004 with Dead Infection and Waco Jesus. I have a few riffs for new songs, much in the same style as Deeds of Derangement but no complete songs yet. We are working on it.

I cannot help myself, but "Deeds." sound me a bit like SUFFOCATION and their season "Effigy." etc... Could it be right? Do you like their albums? I'm pleased really. I thought that this time, when SUFFOCATION is delaying the new album, you satisfied their fans, haha. Relly you've done a good piece of work!

Thanks for the compliment!! We really like Suffocation. Especially the ?Pierced from within? album is great! Only we are not as technical as they are I think. I think we also have some European influences in the music.

What do you like about dissecting and mutilating girl and innocent bodies? I didn't understand your lyrics, haha. Do you prefer it in your privacy as well, haha.

Our lyrics are not to be taken that seriously. It just fits the style of music we play. We are pretty normal guys actually. It would be weird if we wrote lyrics about flowers and stuff!!

Seriously! What do you think is a deviance and what is not? What is normal and what is not? What is brutal and what is not?

Well that?s hard to say. Lots of people think we aren?t normal because we make this music and like horrormovies. Well I think that people who give everything for their job and career aren?t normal. So it?s a personal matter what you think is normal. Mostly I don?t give a fuck what people think of me as long as I?m happy with myself and what I do!

Maybe you watch horrors, when I look at your lyrics. I remember the time, when on VHS, cinema, TV there were so many horrors that it wasn't nearly possible. Ones were good, others were not, some of them didn't even come to the Czech Republic, eg. 2000 MANIACS, SLAYER, SCALPS, TERROR ON TAPE, there is plenty of them! Recently I have seen only a single film which satisfied me, "THE CELL, THE RING" and maybe a pair of another films, but I cannot remember their names. How do you see the situation? Don't you miss it? Where are films like EVIL DEAD, LIVING DEATH and others? Do you have some favorites?

I agree that nowadays there are not as many good horrormovies as in the eigthies. My personal favorite is Evil Dead II. Best film ever made! The whole dark atmosphere in that movie is something you don?t see nowadays. Those movies like Evil Dead etc are over the top and are made with a limited budget which gives them something unique. They also have an evil story. Today the movies are too much based on expensive special effects. It?s like your watching a fucking commercial!!

I think it is enough from me, so if you have something other to say, you have the possibility!

Latest news is that we have a new guitarplayer named Benny. He replaced Niels (not our singer but our old guitarplayer). Thank you Deather for the interview and off course for the amazing cover for our album!! Deeds of Derangement will be released on 18th of august so go and check it out if you like heavy deathmetal with variety!!

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