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F.O.B. - Outside The Palace Walls

The Swedish death metal band Vomitory has notified the end of its extensive career after 24 years.This interview is the first they gave after the end of their activity. The drummer Tobias, who is the founding member of the band, answered our questions.

Ave Vomitory! Its 2 years since you have released your last album. What about material for new one? Do you have something prepared? What can we expect?

As you probably know by now, we have decided to call it quits after the end of this year. The reasons are many, but the good thing is that we’re ending on a high note. There is no drama at all behind this decision, and we have all agreed upon it. We will do a number of final shows during 2013, but it’s too early to tell exactly where. We will keep everyone updated on that through our website, facebook site and through Metal Blade Records.

Release “Opus Mortis VIII” was little bit slower in comparison with previous ones. I personally like it but what were the responses and reviews on that album? How was the slow down taken by critics and fans? How slower songs works at shows?

I would rather say that Opus Mortis VIII is more varied than “slower“ than our previous albums. There are more obvious variations in the Opus songs, which apparently a lot of people seem to like, including ourselves. Both fans and critics seem to like it a lot too. I can’t remember that I’ve heard anything negative about it. When we were writing for Opus, we wanted to include some heavier/slower songs that we also could perform live, to get some more variation in our live set (and even some rest between the fastest and most intense songs). But when we decide which songs to play live, we always end up almost only playing the fast stuff anyway, because that’s how we like it (smile). But we played Shrouded In Darkness live for a while and that one worked pretty well. I think the audience also appreciate some variation and rest, instead of full-on non-stop blasting for 50 minutes. But hey, when we played in Ukraine two years ago, the crazy crowd started a circle pit during Shrouded In Darkness, which is probably our slowest song ever (smile)!

Do you know how many copies of CD “Opus Mortis VIII” were sold?

Yes, roughly (smile).

At your last album I can hear in several songs clear link to Slayer. Was it intentional or it just comes spontaneously?

We grew up listening to Slayer a lot, so they are just a natural source of inspiration to us when we write. I mean those riffs they did during the 80’s! It’s inevitable to not have Slayer somewhere in the back of our minds when we write and play death metal. So it’s not like we intentionally try to write Slayer-sounding riffs, they just come naturally and spontaneously.

Who in Vomitory is actually the “main” composer? Or do you compose together? How looks the process of making new material like?

I am the main composer and Erik is the main lyricist, backed up by Peter on both the music and lyrics. I write some lyrics occasionally too, but I focus on the music. Out of 10 songs I ususally write like 8 of them. We never compose together as a full band. Me and Peter sometimes work out stuff together, but mostly we write on our own. I finish a song completely before I present it to the other guys and Peter sometimes wants some more input from the rest of us before he’s 100% finished with a song.

You are well known also by covers with brutal themes. Have you had any problems with this? Have you been ever forbidden to play or sell CD’s at some places?

The original cover for Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize got banned in Germany. Too brutal. Metal Blade solved it by still keeping the original cover in the booklet, but putting the CD case in a paper sleeve with a censored version of the cover. That artwork is sick, especially the inside of the booklet. We have never been banned from playing anywhere though. We are too nice guys (smile).

If my math is correct you have released eight full length albums (plus compilations, demos etc.). Is there an album from your discography you like most? Why?

That’s correct, hence the name of our last album Opus Mortis VIII (which is 8 in roman numbers). I like all our albums for different reasons. There isn’t an album from us that I don’t like. They are all special to me in their own way. But if I try to be somewhat objective, I’d say that Blood Rapture, Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize and Carnage Euphoria are a tiny bit closer to my heart. Blood Rapture because it’s just so plain damn good, it has so many killer songs. Also like the production a lot. TBS because it was the first album with the current line-up and it marks a new era for the band, because of the sick artwork and the sick production. It was also the first album we did together with Rikard Löfgren at Leon Music Stuidos. Carnage Euphoria because it was released the year Vomitory celebrated its 20th anniversary as a band – in 2009, because of the killer songs and because I’m very happy with my own performance on that album.

You are part of the scene for more than 20 years. Did the attitude of the fans or promoters changed during that time? What about you? Is your approach to recording, shows etc. different than 20 years ago?

Fans have always been great. Vomitory may not have the biggest fan base in the world, but our fans are very dedicated and that feels of course great! Promoters have more or less always been scum, but I think the level of professionalism is better nowadays. With time, they have learned that bands are not cool with playing under shitty conditions. Or even for free. That has of course to do with the fact that the whole death metal scene has evolved and that we have become more professional and experienced as a band with every year. I guess our approach has changed, that’s just natural. Back in the days, I think we were a lot more enthusiastic, excited and had so many expectations on things, but nowadays we are so confident in what we do so we can relax more and enjoy the ride in a different way. But the main thing has always been about having a good time together blasting death metal. That never changes!

I have found only album “Carnage Euphoria” on vinyl. Were also the other albums released on vinyl? What’s your meaning about vinyl?

Raped In Their Own Blood, Redemption, Carnage Euphoria and Opus Mortis VIII have all been released on vinyl so far, and any day now both Revelation Nausea and Blood Rapture will released on vinyl too, through Cyclone Empire, so be sure to grab your copy! I hope that all our albums will be released on vinyl eventually, ‘cause that’s how it should be. I grew up with the vinyl culture, so to me it’s more like the real deal, having our albums available on vinyl too. I still love vinyl but I’m not a fanatic. The benefits of a CD are obvious compared to vinyl.

Tobias plays also in other bands. The Project Hate MCMXCIX has recently released new album. What about Torture Division? Are they working on something new? Original CD would be really appreciated (not only demos for downloading)!

Torture Division is working on a new trilogy of demos. All new songs are written and I will record the drum tracks by the beginning of April. So hopefully during May, a new three-song demo will be available for free download at Yes, for FREE! Read more about our cause at our website (Biography, #3). But also a new CD will soon see the light of day. Abyss Records will release the last two demos + extra material as a full length CD, entitled The Army Of Three. As we see it, a complete demo trilogy compiles an album, and so far they have been released as such, through Abyss Records – With Endless Wrath We Bring Upon Thee Our Infernal Torture (2009), Evighetens Dårar (2010) and now the forthcoming The Army Of Three. Considering the quality of the production of our demos, it’s not really fair to call them demos. They are mixed and mastered by no less than Dan Swanö of Unisound, so it’s album quality right there. And it’s safe to say that it sounds way better than a lot of the albums from other bands out there. On the last The Project Hate album (The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda) I didn’t play the drums. Basically because I didn’t have the time and possibility to put the effort it requires into making such an album at that time. Master-blaster Dirk Verbeuren did the drums instead on this one. But I still play on the album, there is a short part in one song where I play acoustic guitar. My aim is to play drums again on the next TPH album though.

What are you and guys from the band actually listening to? Which releases from last year you have found interesting? Did you have any musical ideals when you have started to play?

We obviously primarily listen to metal of different sub-genres, but also some other music. We grew up on classic metal with bands such as Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Venom, Saxon, Slayer, Metallica, Sodom, WASP etc. Still listen to that stuff today. Never gets old or boring. Some death metal bands that we all like are Unleashed, Vader, early Grave, Bolt Thrower, General Surgery, Terrorizer etc... During the last couple of years I’ve also got into both bluesy rock and progressive stuff, with bands and artists such as Porcupine Tree, Joe Bonamassa, The Flower Kings, Spock’s Beard, Philip Sayce and Loch Vostok. The releases from last year that I found most interesting were Clockwork Angels by Rush, Torture by Cannibal Corpse, Stillbirth by Fetus Stench and Dead End Kings by Katatonia. When we started Vomitory, our musical ideals were Sodom, Slayer, Venom, Celtic Frost and a few more.

You are at tours quite often. How do you handle to combine music and civil occupation? Or are you making a living only by music?

Well, I don’t think that we tour that often. But we have done it on a somewhat regular basis. We were nowhere near making a living out of the music. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work and time to even be able to get the chance. We are all regular working people with regular jobs. Sometimes it’s difficult to combine the civil occupation/private life with our musical endeavours, but we have been lucky and it often works fine in the end. Good planning is the key.

What’s your opinion to downloading music from internet?

The basic idea is great of course, because of the accessibility etc. But it totally sucks that people don’t respect the copyright laws or even the artist’s hard work by downloading illegally. That has obviously killed the record industry in many ways, and I don’t like that. By downloading and spreading a band’s music illegally on the internet, YOU DO NOT SUPPORT THE BAND, which many people seem to think they do nowadays!

It seems that in the present there are a lot of new Swedish bands playing old school death metal (Miasmal, Maim etc.). Have you found interesting any of them? Could you recommend us one or two?

Most of those bands are really fucking good, but they still don’t quite do it for me. Maybe fans that were too young to have experienced the original first wave of Swedish death metal in the early 90’s can appreciate these bands and the new old-school trend more than I do. Been there, done that – so to speak. The only new Swedish band I can recommend now is Fetus Stench. They released their debut album, Stillbirth, a while ago and it kicks major ass!

You are playing “true Swedish beer death metal”. What do you think about Czech beer? Have you tried it and do you know some brands?

Czech beer is among the very best! But that’s a well-known fact. But I can’t remember any specific brands. All I know is that there are never any beers left when we leave the backstage room after a show in the Czech Republic. Well, anywhere actually (smile).

I’m always asking…Do the people come to shows in Sweden? Or is it the same miserable story as in Czech Republic? Sometimes I have the feeling that people prefer sitting home at the internet to go to see their favourite band and then watch the show on youtube.

Unfortunately, that seems to be the case pretty much everywhere these days, and it blows big-time. You’re not supporting your favourite band by sitting at home eating donuts and watching youtube either! Go to shows, meet people like you, get drunk, have a good time, meet a girl, listen to music, bang your head instead! That’s what’s metal is all about!!

Do you know and listen to any Czech band?

I know a few Czech bands, like Krabathor, Master’s Hammer, Root and Tortharry. Tortharry supported us in Prague in 2011 on our European tour. Good band, great guys! Never listened to any specific Czech band though, even I’ve heard a bunch of them.

What are Vomitory plans for upcoming months? Do you plan also show in Czech Republic this year?

We will play the few confirmed shows just as planned, and we hope to get as many shows as possible added before the end of this year. Of course we hope to play once more in Czech Republic because you guys have always been great to us! But it’s too early to tell now.

Do you want tell something to fans, labels, promoters etc?

I want to say thank you to all our fans for all your support over the years! It’s been one helluva ride, and as said, I hope that we’ll get the possibility to play one final time in Czech Republic during the remaining year.

Thank you for an interview and wish you many mad fans and sold releases.

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