Hello Richard! My magazine is specialized on a bit harder music styles, but when REGAIN sent me your promo, I almost fainted! I own a lot of heavy, rock and metal CDs, but this is really rarity! I am sending you a few questions, though I know thre´s a lot of things on your web, but not everybody has got an access, or if you travel by train or bus, a magazine is always welcome, ha ha. I have to say that in my magazine, your album got 6 out of 6 possible! Thanks man!!! Great!!!

You were born, as well as me, in 1972, do you consider yourself being kind of „different“ ? Aging… ha ha! Or do you feel even stronger lust for life? Tell me something about yourself,  disclose us some of your vice, addictions and so on… Would you change someting about your life? Has ever anything happened that you regret now? We´ve got a lot of things in common, ha ha… Only your hair is blond and mine black! I am a very down to earth person enjoying music in common. My biggest passion besides music is being out in the nature runningor just collecting inspiration and hanging out with my family.

When did you start playing the keyboard? Did you get classical music education, or? How did you develop into the possition where you´re now with your keyboard playing skills?

I am totally autodidact! I started to play keys at the age of 8 and did only listen to classical music such as Bach, Vivaldi etc. Because of my way of playing keyboards at the same time as I have been working with Yngwie Malmsteen I have reached were I am today.

In „Presence of Mind“ song, but not only in this one, you appear to have a huge liking in classical music, who impressed you the most, who inspires you? Do you know any Czech composers? 

Not really! Can you give me some tip?

As it seems, you are workaholic, you´re doing everything, composing, production, performing… What else are you able to do? Are you for example a handyman, can you for instance drive a digger? :o) or do you go in for any sports, or any kind of non-music art? Are you able to catch up with everything with ease? Don´t you have any troubles at home because of your hard work (if you are married or have children)?

I am an extremely focused and structured man. I take care of everything in the house from shopping to cleaning! I am a control freak!

Usually, people who are working hardly are being forogtten after some time, because they have no time for a private social life… They usually can´t taste their own success because they are sunk deep into their work over and over again… Is that your case, too? It was common in cases of old composers, painters…

Not at all! I work daytime from 8.30 to 13.30. The exact time my childrean are in school. I collect them after the day and hang with them till they go to bed. I never worg on week ends and evenings. I can tell you that I am very effective when I am working.

SPACE ODYSSEY is just a project, don´t you think it´s a pity? Don´t you think this could work as a band? In a way, it is an advantage to be single, nobody tries to influence the result of your work, hm? Where did you find Magnus, Nils and Andreas, are they your old friends or did you choose them in a  competition, or how did you just get together?

Magnus is one of my oldest and closest friends. I have known him since I was 12 years old. We both grew up together influencing each other. The other guys have acctually contacted me wanted to play in my band. I have no problem finding good musicians since I am pretty well known in Sweden.

And what about touring, gigs, is that real?

Well have to wait and see about the sales!

„The Astral Episode“ – what was it´s greatest success? Hmmm…and was there anybody who disliked the recording? Honestly?

So far the response has been tremendous! Really! There are always people out there disliking what you are doing. You can’t satisfy the whole world!

Is LIPTON STUDIO yours? That´s where you recorded „The Astral Episode“… are you satisfied with the result? Who, apart from you, was recording there, too?

The keys, guitars, bass and vocals were recorded by me in my own studio. I though mixed it in another studio.

Your singer Nils impressed me, where did you find him? Does he sing elsewhere? His voice radiates strength and is very charismatic! In some moments it reminds me of Tony Matin of Black Sabbath, especially in „Back To The Dark“ song. Will you record with him in the future?

Oh yes indeed! Patrik called me up wanted to play in my band!

I know it is early to ask, but I´m impatient, sorry… what do you plan for the near future, do you already have some new ideas, do you have a certain imagination about a new album? Will you have there any interesting guests?

In fact I am doing “The Ultimate Andersson Collection CD” right now. I have picked out the best songs from my three bands and rerecorded them all over again with different musicians. Among others I have Mr. Göran Edman (ex. Malmsteen, John Norum) on vocals. Mr. Jens Johansson (ex. Malmsteen, Stratovarious) on a small guest playing. The whole production is this time recorded and mixed by me in my own studio. It sounds fucking awesome!!!

How did you get to REGAIN? I remember the early days of REGAIN, when they were releasing DERANGED and nowadays they release just the Swedish top, and not only that… but your style is kind of outstanding, what do you expect from REGAIN, are you satisfied now, or are  you going to change the label?

I have a close relationship with Regain. They have always supported me and my music. I have nothing but good to say about them!

I must return to „The Astral…“ now. „Reversation“ song absolutely got me, especially the melody, Nils´ refrain, this song remained in my head, I still can hear it… Was it you intention? Ha ha… it´s just like a drug… no, just kidding, but every song has got it´s scheme, melody, refrain, it fueses into an integral complex, it has got its order… how do you creat those melodies? How come you simply get the idea of making a song like – for example „Reversation“ – I have no clue… I´m very interested in this process, because I just wonder how can be someone that much gifted to create something this wonderful???

I first come up with the melody! Then I compose around it. For me music is melody and it’s the most important thing with my music. I know how to play keys like hell but I see myself in the first place as a composer not a musician!

And another pearl for my ears is „The Seventh Star Fantasy“ – those demonic choirs and so on… What is this song about?

On your way to heaven you travel by a place were you can be dragged into. It’s the false paradise. Devil has set up a place just like heaven to lead people into believing it’s paradise. Once you are there you will never return. This song is actually a duet. Patrik is doing all the voices. Brilliant! Ayreons ”Human equation” influenced me. So I composed this very complex song, which is very long and extremely heavy.

If you were to describe „The Astral…“ to somebody who had never heard your music before, how would you do it?

It’s good quality hard rocking melodic metal like it was in the old days. Nothing new but in a new way!

Richard… would you like to say something for the end, to make this interview complet, maybe I forgot something improtant… Thank you for your time and I wish you success not only in your future work!

Thank you very much! Very nice interview and good questions! If you’d like to talk more can give you a call and we can chat over the phone! STAY METAL! And talk to you later!  Richard

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