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DARK GAMBALLE - Romance panenky a kladiva

Greetings to German thrash band DAVIDIAN.

I am glad we got to this interview. You can tell me as much as you want. Name DAVIDIAN, what does it mean and what sense it has for the band members?

Chris: DAVIDIAN is a MACHINE HEAD song which deals with the atrocity where 82 men, women and children were killed by FBI/ATF agents in Waco, Texas in 1993. We have nothing to do with the Branch DAVIDIAN sect. We liked the song and the name DAVIDIAN sounds good! MACHINE HEAD took their name from a Deep Purple album. Maybe someday a band will be named after one of our songs!

Could you tell me something about you and other DAVIDIAN's members?

All of us work, except Micha, lazy fucking student! Apart from studying he likes Thrash and various music styles with technical guitar work. Alex (Guitar) is an Industrial Mechanic. Alex is into Thrash & Death Metal. He also has his own record label, and he produces underground metal, check it out: Tim is a machine operator in a factory. He listens to a lot of Death Metal. His hobby is Beer. Alex (Drums) is a salesman in a drum store, a dream job for a drum maniac! He’s a big fan of old school Thrash and technical Death Metal. And he fucking loves symbals! Chris is an electronic technician. He’s a mad Irishman, has 2 kids(!) and has been into thrash metal since the 80s.

I heard only album „Abuse Of Power“ from you. Can you tell me something about your previous albums. Are they different from excellent „Abuse Of Power“ and are they still available? In other case do you plan to use some of the older songs as a bonus for new albums?

The first demo was recorded in a day, (09.05.1999). It contains DAVIDIAN’s baby steps and was not widely distributed. “…in pain” was recorded in January 2000 and contains 4 track + intro & outro. We sold over 250 copies of  “…in pain” and played a lot of gigs due to this CD-R demo. The sound isn’t great though.

Did someone from your group play in another group before DAVIDIAN? Do you have some projects at present? Which?

Our Guitarist Alex Schniepp used to played in FINAL VERDICT! Our drummer Alex Scherf who joined the band in 2000, used to play in a band called REQUIEM. Tim used to be an MC with NIGGAZ OUTTA Plü.

There passed some time from „Abuse Of Power“, did anything change from that time besides you played on German festivals? By the way, was the festival succesful and how many people usualy visit underground concerts in Germany? I want to know, if DAVIDIAN arrange some festival as well?

We have been busy playing gigs sin ”Abuse Of Power”. We have play a few Festivals including UP FROM THE GROUND, HARD TASTE OPEN AIR, METAL FORCES FESTIVAL and of course the legendary underground ZABBADUSCHDER OPEN AIR which we organize ourselves! We have shared the stage with acts like MALEVOLENT CREATION, TANKARD, DEW SCENTED, NAGLFAR, OBSCENITY, ALTAR, ILLDISPOSED, DESASTER, EKTOMORF, GRAVEWORM, KATAKLYSM & many more! Check out!!!

I think, that „Abuse...“ is self- released. On the other side I was surprised with good production, very good- looking graphic design and great CD content. Simply very professional work, as it has to be. It was very good reviewed for sure. Could you tell us more about your reviews, which magazines praised you and which degraded you, ha ha.... it may happen as well...

We are very happy with the end result of ABUSE OF POWER! We got a lot of good reviews, some very good and a few shitty reviews. Fuck them! I guess you can’t please everybody! We make music for ourselves and not commercial shit to please the press!

Do you have a publisher yet?

No! We have not been contacted by any record labels yet. Our CD can be ordered online at or at some underground distros like HEAVY HORSES Records

In which way will be your new songs? Can we expect pure thrash again?

Oh Yeah!  Our new songs have a harder edge and are more aggressive! But still 100% Thrash!

By the way thrash... I personally love thrash metal and group like EXODUS, SACRED REICH, ANTHRAX, SLAYER to name a few... Which groups inspired you and which do you like? You hold such old school, but there is many groups, which try to follow trends... Why do you play this way? I appreciate you sound like true German thrash metal group from 90's but with new aggressive sound!

We have been inspired by bands like SLAYER, TESTAMENT, DEATH, old MEGADETH, KREATOR, PANTERA and old SEPULTURA. We also listen to stuff like CANNIBAL CORPSE, DISMEMBER, CRYPTOPSY, ABORTED and new stuff like SLIPKNOT!

As I said before we play music to please ourselves. We don’t care if people like it or not! It’s our own style honest and straight from the heart!

Revolver, crucifix... Tell us, has it any deeper sense? Something like Christian kills or administrate justice?

The album cover represents ABUSE OF POWER in general. The Church. Politicians. Large corporations etc. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

And here we are at the end. You can say what you want or forget, what are you able to offer?... etc. Thanx for your time!

Thank you very much your support! Thanks to all our fans. See you on tour! Cheers!

DAVIDIAN - agressive thrash metal

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