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DARK GAMBALLE LP Romance panenky a kladiva

Label MKM impressed me with kind policy several years ago. I understood his moony strategy after hearing his released records.

Hi Francesco! Introduce your label. How long time do you exist? Why did you established the label? What was the first impuls?

?I love music? Music is my life and my life is made of music? everything I believe is enshrouded by the music I love? My Kingdom Music represents my way to thank artists for their Art. I think that a label is the only possible vehicle to permit to musicians to show their feelings, to permit them to realize their dreams. I consider myself like a modern Maecenas who gives Art a voice? these are my functions, goals, expectations, feelings, sensations? 

You have 10 bands now. How is your favorite and why?

It would be like to say which son do you prefer? You know it is impossible to say but I can tell you that there is a particular feeling with Marco and his DEINONYCHUS due to our age, our longtime friendship and because I considered his music absolutely unique much before creating my label.

You edit enough bands from North Europe. Why? Have you not quality bands in Italy?

There is not a particular reason simply things come! Of course when you release a band from a country, your name is better known in that country and so bands contact you more. About North Europe I just can tell you that I feel in those bands something unique that make me sign them and this is above all a sort of melancholic feelings that emerges from their songs... I don?t know why but it is what I feel and absolutely what I like in these.

The fovorite band for me is Crowhead and Deinonychus. Where did you find this bands and how was first conditions for release?

About Marco/DEINONYCHUS I was in touch with him even before he signed for me... I always liked his music and so when their old label failed to release their album ?Mournument? I simply offered him this possibility. I will never end to thank him to offer to a new born label such masterpiece of suicidal music. About Crowhead I received their demo in 2001 and I reviewed them in my old magazine VAMPIRIA as top demo. So when some months later I decided to create a label they were the first band I thought about.

Do you visit often north Europe and gigs of your bands?

I never visited North Europe and I never did gig with them. My Kingdm Music is too little to permit to tour Europe with a bands... Of course it is one of my hidden dreams but at the moment I have to focuse my efforts on other aspects like Distribution, promotion etc.

I never was in Italy. Tell as anythink about this land ( out of Music ).  I heard that you have hot blood and that you are wild drivers?Yeah and you have good comedy!

What can I say here?!? Surely some things you hear about us are true but of course living in a country is different than visiting or hearing about it. I like to live here, but there are some things I don?t like too, and I think it is absolutely normal. I like the Art, the sea, the sun, the food and the great wine we have, I don?t like some not so modern ways to see things above all for the presence of a strong Church culture. But you know nothing is perfect and surely it could be worst. The perfect solution is to create a your own ideal world and I hope to reach it soon.

Vice versa  - dou you know anythink about Czech Republic. Dou you know any bands from Czech?

I?d like a lot to visit Praha, I hope to do it soon because many people talk about it with great emphasis. About the country I know part of you recent hystory, the tragedy of communism, but also your wonderful castes and nature. About the musical scene I surely have a great respect for your Brutal scene surely the best one in Europe with a great act like KRABATHOR and many, many other bands I love like AGONY, LOVE HYSTORY, or the great old ROOT. My preferred one is in any case FORGOTTEN SILENCE surely one of the best European bands.

What is your dream? How band do you want edit? Image that everybands all world are free. How do you release first?

My dream is to realize my dreams. I know it?s not so clear but what I dream is that everything I desire for me, my beloved could be reality one day... The only band I?d like to sign and release was IN THE WOODS... so now I just give my total efforts to my bands.

Do you have problem with copying and Mp3?  How much is first  release of your bands? And what bands sold mostly CD´s? It was better then gone Mp3?

No problem with MP3 but people has to know that only copying mp3?s music will die as we hear it now. The reason is simple: Without money bands canno realize great album as we use to listen to, and with the mp3 file sharing first or later labels cannot offer good deals to the bands that surely cannot face such expenses... So my advice is this: Continue to sharing your MP3 files but try to buy the best ones because only in this way music will survive. The band/album that sold more is DEINONYCHUS with their album ?Mournument? - 2000-2500 copies.

O.K. its all. The last words are your...

?I hope to continue in this magic experience and continue to offer to other artists the possibility to express themselves and at the same way to offer me great music. At the end of March other two releases will be out: they are the new albums of RAIN PAINT and PLAN E, both from Finland. While in April/May will be out the new album of FORGOTTEN SUNRISE and a new signed Italian band that will be a great surprise for all. In the meanwhile give a look / listening to our most recent releases that are the Italian ROOM WITH A VIEW with the album ?Collecting Shells At Lighthouse Hill? and EN DECLIN with the album ?Trama?. Just to close it visit our web-dream at and if you want ask for My Kingdom Music releases in Czech Republic at Metal Age Prod. and other mailorders which get my stuff. Believe in your dreams?till the death!?.

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