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FORGOTTEN SILENCE - Vemork Konstrukt

Interview with black horde SUMMON...

Hi SUMMON! I was surprised that your "And The Blood Runs Black" is your fifthrelease. I get to your name with your third CD "Baptized By Fire". Could you tell me something about start of SUMMON, which label released your first, second and third CD etc. Are they in the same mood like novelty?

Summon was formed in 1991 we were only together for one release Devourer of Souls(Never released) than I joined Masochist for a few years than Summon was reformed.All of the early albums were a little more black metal mood I think not so fast. Dark Descent of Fallen Souls was released on Grinding Piece Records and Fire Turns Everything Black was also released on Grinding Piece but this was released on tape format. I re released Fire Turns Everything Black, and Dark Descent of Fallen Souls On Blackened MOON Pro. Which is my label I also put out "No Thoughts From The Sky" Which is a much crazier CD than all of these, it is the fastest CDs I have ever heard the sound quality is very raw!!

"Baptized By Fire" was released by sublabel Hammerheart Records - The Plague. Firm Hammerheart is advancing unusual. You signed contract with Moribund Records. Wasn´t better staying with bigger Hammerheart?

Hammer Heart only did the Euro release we were on Baphomet Records, Which KillJoy whored out the release and license to NeCRAPolis records Moribund is theright label for Summon!!!!

On the other side I understand that people from Moribund are really "interested in hell". Could you introduce people from this firm?

Well there is ODIN President owner of Moribund, he has been a friend of mine for afew years now he is a crazy fucker all about the devil!!! ,and there is Tom he ispart owner i think and does everything else that Odin doesn't do I am not sure whoall works there, but don't forget Mia she answers the phone takes orders and holdsdown the fort when every one is away!!!

"Baptized By Fire" sounds really infernal. But I think this is more death metalthan black metal. Do you agree with me or is SUMMON unambiguous black metal band in your eyes?

We just write music that we would like to here call it what you want I think thatis why there are editors and writers to put labels on bands Summon is 100% SatanicBeer METAL!!

Moribund hasn´t name such as Hammerheart but according to promo material I think they take care about you well. What do you say to other bands from this firm.we know about these bands in our country not at all. Could you tell me something about WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS, GENOCIDE KOMMANDO or LEVIATHAN? Do you recommend us some blackmetal band, which do like lately?

Well Winds of the Black Mountains I actually sing on these release it is Tchortfrom Masochist that started Winds Total Masochist rip off Fuck Tchort and hissmall minded Drug addicted self richeous cunt that he is!!!! Genocide Kommando iskiller and I love the new Leviathan total depressing black metal The band I havereally been listening to is this band called Saran from Lansing Michigan I think Iam getting them to sign with Blackened MOON but they have to change their namethere are already too many Sauron's.

I feel a lot of influence of old school metal in your music. So I presume youaren´t enthusiastic teenagers. Could you introduce members of SUMMON and describe your relation to old good time, when thrash, death or black were in the beginning?

Well I go by Necromodeus I. I play Bass and back up Vox. I am 31 I have been intometal since the late 80's I still am into old shit like Bathory, and Venom I amreally I still love old Destrucion and Kreator. Xaphan-Guitar vocals I think he is like 28 now not saure how old he is I got him into metal in the early 90's this kid is a freak he has everything on CD or vinyl or tape he loves all kinds of metal and music in general. Than there Is Josh our drummer he is only 22 and what a little spaz he is. He is a little caffeinemachine total sick on the drums now I got him pounding beers and i think it makeshim a better drummer, a little more relaxed but last but not least we have a new guitar player (and this will be the final guitar change in Summon Matt Buracho McGoat Mcllelland  from Corpsevomit, Chicago) He is like 25 or 26 not really sure he is totally sick guitar player and he drinks like we do so this is for Summon last line-up change before we DIE!!

Canadian band CONQUEROR has in booklet greeting for skinhead´s black metallers. Similar things appear in Europe now. It is really out of my head. Could you describe me relations between skinheads and black metal fans in Canada and USA? What do you think about skinheads? This movement is separated to many groups in our country.. every of them hate somebody else.. they are able to attack everybody at the end.

Blasphemy is one of my favorite bands ever as far as them being skinheads I nowthey go by Satanic skin Black metal godz not sure if they are into the movement ornot and I am not sure of the relation between Canada and the US, There are hatemongers everywhere fuck I hate alot to but I am not skin I used to be but not forthe reason  of being a Nazi. I think to each is own if you dont hate you are dead,and I believe every one is a Racist you don't have to be skinhead to be a racisteveryone hates something or someone a little bit some people just take it to theExtreme, which is not always a bad thing...

Are you feeling as a part of some scene in USA or make music and are notinterested in things about you? What help from other bands, friendship, etc.?

We just write what we want other bands to play which I really dont think othersplay like we do, we have people all over the scene(Metal) not just black metalscene  that are friends and fans. I cant say that many bands have really helpedus out we have done pretty much on our own now we have Odin behind us things arelooking up for us!!

And what have to do with new CD, cover is full of pentagrams, devils, fire andlyrics is nearly the same. I like it. What do you think about Christianity (sureonly same good things haha) and his influence in your country? And what aboutSatanism? Is it only some kind of rebellion or you take Satanism like really faith and important part of your life? What do you say to organization of Satanism such as Magus Wampyr Daoloth from NECROMANTIA in Greece, Big Boss from ROOT in Czech republic or Vincent Crowley ACHERON in U.S.?

Fuck Christians all of then even those in my family they are all hypocrites thatneed to die like their piece of shit savior Diseases Christ!!!  I am not reallyinto organized Satanism it seens like the same to me a money gimmick. I am intothese bands that you listed though and I have met Vincent he is very cool. I am aSatanist for my beliefs and knowledge not what some book says or what people haveto say about it. I just try and live my life for what it has to offer.

Are you for bigger "commerce" of Satanism for speak to more people or iseverything about Satanism in underground and everybody has faith only for himself?

I pretty much practice to have faith in ones self because no one else is going tohelp you not god not the devil just thy Self!!!!

I was surprised by intro of your new CD. It sounds similar to CRADLE OF FILTHhaha. I don´t say that it is bad. I think it is excelent and I like moment whenintro is destroying by first song. Is intro your work?

The intro was written by James Murphy in the studio he was up one night and andwrote it I think he was having problems sleeping. Cradle of Filth uh I wouldn'tknow I do not listened to that band.

From the first moment of I was attacked by clear stricking sound which is workof James Murphy. How did you take him to your band, what does he say about your music and what about James?

James is doing very well now I met James in the early 90's down In Tampa Florida,he worked at a record store that I used to go into. I than met James again  at thelast Ohio Metal  fest and told him we were going into the studio to record a newalbum and he told me he was starting to record bands again so we journeyed toFlorida.

I think James has part in rather death metal sound this time.. Do you likedeath metal bands from U.S.? What do you say to bands from Europe and their more melodic production or doom metal even?

I am not really sure of James's sound with his other recordings I think our albumsounds different than the recordings I have heard from him before. I like the bands from Europe, I have always enjoyed the Sweden sound it must be something inthe water over there because they are great musicians.

Are you using for photography or concert some of complements like painting,arms etc. Is image important for you or support a natural design? And what about tour "The Unholy Crusade" with THORNSPAWN and EXCOMMUNION?

I think that Image is vary important, but this we do not have one we don't wherepaint any more just because it got so trendy, I believe there are only a fewbands that should still where paint and that is Marduk and Dark Throne which Ithink they don't where paint anymore. ( there are a few bands that where it forthe different reasons not just for Image). Unholy Crusade HOLY shit I should saywe had a blast there were problems like al bands have on tour Thornspwan did notfinish the tour their drummer lost his cymbals (well they got stolen) and theywent home, we played some really killer show with them I wish they would havefinished the tour up cause after they went home we played some really killershows a couple of shitty was also though. I thought the tour was a success we hada great time met a lot of people sold a ton of merchandise and biggest of all wemade it home in one piece and no one went to jail which there was a couple oftimes we probably should have went to jail.

Next  demonstration of your good relation to old metal times is VENOM cover"Buried Alive". Great times. Hunting for low-class photographs and records from old bands was specific magic. What is your relation on present times withinternet, computers, mobile phones and other modern necessity.? A lot of bands have their web site, you can find them on internet.. What is your memories of finding, changing and hunting of information and photographs among fans?

I love the old times the internet has defiantly made it easier to find bands andmerch, photos etc. Back in the old days you found a crappy zine that had a coupleof contact address half the time you never got through but tape trading was greatI miss the old times, the biggest reason is the music, I dont really like to manybands that are coming out these days .

Do you prefer brutality and aggression unambiguous in music or are open toother kind of music e.g. doom metal with female vocals or some "love rock", ha,ha? Can you play in some "softer" band? I ask you because of keys e.g. in"Blackwinds Abyss".

I hate female vocals unless they are screechy brutal as hell or the sound oftheir voices when the get fucked real good I like fast brutal shit! Most of allwe used to use keys a little more but now just to beef a riff up.  I like regularrock and roll also though shit like I said I am 31 and rock shows are easier tosee than just brutal death or Black metal bands.

Do young people take notice of your music in U.S.? Teenagers take metal suchas dead style in our country. They are surprised that metal is living. But noteverybody.. Do you feel some different behavior from "normal people" to youbecause of metal image?

I think metal is coming alive again there are more kinds coming out to the showsagain. For a while I thought the scene had died and in some states and citys Ithink it has died. Normal people who are they I don't think I have ever met oneof those hahahaha.

Thanks for your time and good luck in fight with heavens.Slava Satan!!!

Thanks for the interview and you take care See you in Hell!!!!! Necromodeus666

Interview by Demimortuus from IN DEED HELL magazine.

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