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FORCEDOWN is very promising core band from Austria. My questions answered by Bernard.

Hi Bernard, Forcedown is young band, can you introduce band?

Forcedown is a very young band with 4 Members which was founded in 2002 and it?s for everyone the first band. We all hear different music and Forcedown?s style is a mix of several different musical influences like Hardcore, Metalcore, Swedish Melodic Metal ? it?s hard to describe, listen to it.

You recorded 2 demo CD for short time. Second CD is very  good on my opinion. What you await from it?

The new album is called ?The Immortality of Words? and contains 8 songs. There are  only 2 things we await from it. First is to get more chances to play gigs, so that the people get to know us and it?s most fun for us to make a good show. And second is that the people hear our music. We have not a big a problem if the people only burn it, because if they like it, they burn it again for a friend and this one burns,?.so as long as our music goes around and is heard it?s the best thing for us. So we got some  mail from Holland, from a british magazine and homepage entrys from Sweden and even Japan,?I am always very surprised. But of course we are very happy if you buy our new Cd.

You recorded in Czech studio Prodigy sound. What you can say for the sound and the work with the people of studio?

In Austria we felt a little bit misunderstood because all our recordings were mixed like jazz or blues. A czech friend recommended us the Prodigy-Studio in Budweis. It was very pleasant, good work there and we didn`t have big problems with the understanding. I know that some other Austrians bands also start now recording in Countries like Slovakia or the Czech Republic because its cheaper and not so hard to find good quality studio. I don?t know exactly where we will record our next cd but I think that we will come to the Czech Republic again.

You often play in Czech. Haw is diferent between gigs in Czech and in Austria?

We really like to play in the Czech Republic and the concerts are a lot of fun. I think that the people are a little bit more open to music .But there is not so a big difference between our Austrian and Czech shows.

...and haw is diferent between Czech and Austria metal scene?

For Metal Music I think that the Czech Undergroundscene is a little bit better than the Austrian because there are more concerts and small Festivals. I am always very surprised if there are concerts in very small villages and they are making a cool metal massacre there ? A lot of fun. The Austrian scene is also not bad but there are not so much underground concerts and that?s the most important thing for this kind of music in my opinion.

What will be on? How do you see the future of your band?

Currently we are working very hard, trying some new styles and we want to go to the studio at the end of this year again because we have so much new material. Furthermore we want to release a new album including some videostuff. But the most important thing is for us to play many gigs, making a good show and having fun.

The last words is your.

Thanks to everybody and look at our homepage where you can download some songs of our new album and there you also can find some reviews, the dates of our gigs  and we are looking forward to see you there!

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