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» English » ANTICORPSE – We are impatient to come back and present to the our new album!

27. 4. 2014ANTICORPSE – We are impatient to come back and present to the our new album!

Interview with French black/death/thrash metal band ANTICORPSE.
Though you have performed in the Czech Republic you are not known to the fans here. Hence we have a traditional „favorite“ question: what have you done, who is in the band and what do you play?

Félix: Hello!

Sven: Hi and thank you for giving place to us in your mag'.

Félix: The band was created in 2008 by Sven and me. We are four musicians (Félix, Sven, Yohann and Julie) playing different styles of metal in different bands (Belenos, Himinbjorg, Dawn Of Might...). We have played in differents regions in Brittany and France for three years and after the release of our first album, we wanted to play in other countries for the promotion of this album and meet other people with a different culture, and maybe a different approach of music too.

Sven: I would just add that we make a kind of metal which is more close to Death, Black-metal or still Thrash but in the end we play a very personal music which evolves with time and with us, I think that the next album, in which the compositions  are still more elaborate, will be a better reflection of  this personal side than the first album, in which we were chearching our path.

Julie: We all listen to different styles and that's why our music is very diversified, we turn around Thrash, Death, Black-Metal while keeping a coherence in our music, we try to make our various musical universes in a unique style which makes our identity. We indeed have each of the side projects, Félix with Dawn of might, Sven with Himinbjorg and Malysteria, Yohann is multi-function (too many bands for all to quote them!!!) and I even with Malysteria. These projects allow us to work various styles of playing in each band and inspire us in compositions for AntiCorpse, I think it has enriched our music a lot!

Do you remember your performances in the Czech republic? Did you like it that much that you decided to come back? Why Písek and Prague? Are you able to sighsee the cities? Both have a buch of thing to see.

Felix: Yes, I remember of this experience and I spent a very good moment in CZ. We didn't know this country, we had a very good surprise,  with your organisation, hospitality. You have cool Clubs in CZ and the musicians have a lot of energy on stage ! During the tour 2012 we have met Zebra of Mururoa and Pawnshop band in Pribram City. We became friend during the tour. We  are looking foward to come back to play in your country to see our friends and the atmosphere of your country, and also to play our music, of course, and make it known in your country! Our band allows us to travel a lot, for us it's amazing. We had played in Praha in 2012 and we had met Sennen Goroshi band and Sarka the booker of this concert. Praha is a capital with a very good reputation in all Europe and we want to come back in this city. My friends Zebra live in Pisek city and he help me in completing the tour. He make a concert in pisek city with Pawnshop and another band from CZ. We are looking forward to set one day or two to visit your very beautiful country, too.

Sven: The European tour was a very strong experience for us four, particularly the gigs in Czech Republic which make a friendship with the Czech band "Pawn Shop", who came to play in Brittany last year, and we take contact with the associations of CZ. So yes, we wanted to return in Czech Republic since we left, I believe, even only to see again the friends that we made over there.

Julie: The European tour was a great experience, to travel it's simply awesome and it's true that the Czech republic particularly welcomed us very well! We made some beautiful friendly and musical encounter, we are impatient to come back and present to the Czecs our new album!

Bands don´t have it easy these days, there are too many of them and only few get known worldwide. It´s hard to choose the right way. Do you prefer smaller tours or bigger ones with more famous bands? Is it also normal in France that young bands pay to play with more famous bands?

Felix: We have prepared this short tour because in the band we all work and we don't have enough time to play do a one-month tour. So, we prefer short (yet intensive) tours yes. In France it's the same problem for all local bands. There are fe in France and if you want play with a big band you must pay to, it's very very expensive. For me is not possible. somes bands can pay because they have some money for do this but is not the reality for all people in France. This summer we shall play with Kreator, Belphegor, Benighted and other. A festival contacted us for their programming, whit will be hopefully a great moment!

Sven: We have already worked on making small tours with bands that we know in France but for now nothing established. We would want to be able to turn as a guest of a more renowned group which could make us known and make us play on good stages. We received some interesting proposals but the problem always remains the financial contribution that they ask to us and for that, only a production company could supply us, we are searching for it.

Julie: It is true that it's difficult now for the young bands to play on big stages or in good festivals, we would  like to do it more, in various countries but without a label it's difficult! It is true that there is a multitude of good groups which would deserve to be recognized but most of the labels think above all of the money that in the quality of the music! However this side of the job, it's not my cup of tee! We wish all that the group unsticks but comes just in time which knows how to wait! In any event we shall continue to play and by means of perseverance, we shall maybe be rewarded for it :-)

Yohann: Another big problem is the time and energy to spend in organising everything by ourselves. Félix takes a big part of this work but we cannot do it as well as professional would do.

The method of playing as much as possible can bring success. Another french band SVART CROWN started a few years ago in a van, playing for 30 people and now they play on festivals. Would you like that or do you prefer being underground?

Félix: Svart Crown is an exemple and a reference in french extreme metal. The band has worked very hard and the good results show. We hope to follow them the same way.
Sven: It is necessary to be able to release oneself from our daily constraints but it's something that we want to be able to carry out, and no matter if the public is few, if they're 30 or 150, since we are able to make somebody appreciated our music it's the main part of the game.

Julie: Well, sure we would like to play in front of thousands of people, that must be very exciting! But I join Sven on the idea that no matter the number
of people in front of whom we play, our performance has to remain the same, the best as possible ! After all people who move to see a concert (whatever if they are 2 or 500) deserve to be satisfied and to have a good evening!

Talking about traveling what about Julie? How does she deal with the life on a tour? Worse hygiene, sleeping wherever you can.. Or does she become a man? :-)

Felix: Hahaha!

Sven: I leave this question to the interested person ;-).

Julie: Indeed up to there everything was made so that I can keep my hygiene appropriate to the girls! It is well known, here the guys don't wash themselves :) well more seriously I have never had to complain, the minimum is enough for me I have never suffered from a Spartan comfort, the guys always managed well at this time ! Keep it like that guys !!

Do you prefer local concerts or destinations far away? Do you have any favorite place to play?

Felix: Personnaly, i love this two choices but far away is more exciting because we don't know where we will play.

Julie: I join Félix on this point, it is more exciting to play abroad! It would be also interesting for us to play more in part of France!

Yohann: Playing for friends is funny of course, but getting recognition from people you do not know and sharing your best with them, on stage, is something really amazing.

What do you do in civil life? Is your playing limited by your jobs? Is it hard to get all the members free from work to go on a tour?

Felix: I am swimming teacher, I teach sport in my city for youngsters especially.
Julie: As for myself, I have no work at the moment (well, yes it is the crisis!!) but before that I was able almost always to manage to be available for my job and for music.

Sven: I have now my recording studio which begins to make spoken about it and I go regularly in agricultural crop premises when the times are too rough but on no way the music is handicaped by it because it comes in first than something else in my life, it's also the fuel of my life so it's not difficult for me to release me for a tour as that one or even for a bigger tour.

Yohann: In 2012 I was a student, now I am teaching economy in a highschool. It's not that easy to pursue my personal goals in music with this work, but I try my best, and for now it's allright!

Can you compare the situation in France with the rest of the world? When you play in your city, how many people come there? In Czech, it´s getting worse, sometimes 40 people come, if 100, everyone is happy...

Felix: I think it's the same in france. In my city there was 120 people max. in little pubs. Generally it's 50-80 peoples. No more. Sometimes you can have 150 for a local concert, but it is unusual. In Germany and USA there's a biggersupport even for little band, but They know difficulties too. I think is in the cultur of country or the evolution of people mentality. I do not really know why people don't support the local scene. I think people prefer the big productions, It's a pity.

Julie: I think that it's everywhere similar, the local scene does not move necessarily massively! I think however it is a question of ways, indeed here we have Hellfest which gathers more than hundred renowned bands, then it's maybe more interesting financially for people to save for a festival of this scale rather than to go to see unknown groups! It is  what I think, I get it all wrong maybe completely :-)

The new album "The Great Fall Of Humanity". How would you describe it to someone who never heard of you?

Felix: This album mixes  death metal , thrash metal and black metal aspects, a mixture of technical music and ambiance music, ...  well, it  is difficult for me to describe it in its entirety

Sven:  In fact, there is one way to explain it, listen it. We put 3 songs for free download on the internet, check it and make your opinion about it!

What do you sing about? Does the album have some story or mening, or is every song about something different?

Felix: We speak about of, physical and mental slavery, conformity, war.... We speak about what disturbs us and what disappoints us. This album is an analysis of the world we're living in, more generally.
Sven: We tried to keep a main theme which would be the human greediness but the texts themselves speak about myths or about so different stories like Annunaki (Nibiru), Ragnarok or still Breton legends but altogether a point stands out permanently, the man is maybe too bad for this world, he proves it everydays.

Didn´t you think about getting Julie to sing some vocals?

Julie: Hey good joke ! If you heard me to sing you would ask me to shut up ^^!!

Felix: I had asked her long ago but it does not interested.

Sven: I am not a big fan of the feminine voices in the metal allowing exception of course. I have much more respect for a woman who proves her value behind an instrument that the one who's going to put herself where she is expected, with no surprise.

Where did you recorded the new CD? You have chosen a more well-known studio, or modest conditions, or home environment (test room)? How long have you recorded the album?

Felix: We have our personnal studio with sven 'Dream Box Studio" we prefered to record in our studio to  have a lot of time to work and for the composing together. We have worked very hard for this album in studio. This album has been made in 2 years and somes months for the recording.

What are the possibilities of recording in France? There are many studies that specialize in metal? Is the recording was expensive affair? How many average salaries must come week in the French study?

Felix: Yes, there a lot of record studio in france with a very good sound but is very expensive for a local band to recording a album in this studio. In generally the studios is not specialize but record all musics.

Yohann: Yes sometimes you can pay 1000 or more for a shitty sound. Some studios are specialized in extreme metal but they are very expensive. It can easily cost 100 per day or more.

What are your longer term goals with the band? Where would you like to say to five years to be?

Felix: I just want my band to get the reputation it deserves (at least in my opinion!) in France and to make as much gigs as we can afford.

Sven: I already think about the next album and about future gigs which could go of pair. We especially hope to find a production company to support us in our future steps and taking all the technical stuff.

Přečteno: 2278x Autor: Johan | Další články autora
Datum: 27. 4. 2014

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